Kittens cuddling

OHS & Pets for the Elderly

Oregon Humane Society partners with Pets for the Elderly to provide $50 off adoption fees for senior citizens, age 60 and older.

How to Qualify

Oregon Humane Society makes it easy to take advantage of the Pets for the Elderly subsidy program. In order to qualify for the $50 discount off your pet’s adoption fee, adopters must:

  • Be 60 years or older
  • Provide photo identification at the time of the adoption
  • Agree to having your photo taken at the time of the adoption

Speak with a Customer Care representative during your adoption meet. Subsidies will be awarded to all who qualify until funding runs out.

Bebe is a 2-year-old cat who recently became a mama. The story of her litter of kittens sadly ends with most of them passing after battling upper respiratory infections. After caring for her kittens, Bebe really needed to be cared for herself. A sweet cat, she is sensitive to handling and being carried, and lets people know when she’s uncomfortable. She also hadn’t been eating very well since being back in the shelter from a foster home. When she first entered the room with Susan and her daughter Lily, Bebe was hesitant, but curious. Susan didn’t put any pressure on her, and she began to get more and more comfortable – even chowing down on some treats! By the halfway point, Bebe crawled into Susan’s waiting lap, and decided that was her place for the rest of our time in the room – accepting scritches and pets, and letting us know when she needed a break, but never leaving Susan’s lap. Susan was emotional coming into this meeting, as she still had Luna on her mind; they are both longer haired cats, and she worried Bebe would remind her too much of Luna. But by the end, that worry had transformed into joy. And when she learned she was eligible for a PFE discount on her adoption, she was so pleased to be able to have the extra funds to lavish her new family member, and give Bebe all the love and care she deserves for the rest of her life

Pets for the Elderly Adoption Stories

Since the beginning of 2023, over 140 senior citizens have received this adoption subsidy from OHS.

Here are two of their stories.