Oregon Tax Kicker Can Help Shelter Pets

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Oregon Tax Kicker

When it’s time to file your 2019 taxes, consider helping OHS pets

Exciting news was announced out of the Oregon Office of Economic Analysis recently: a $1.6 billion “kicker” will be available to Oregon taxpayers in 2020! When it’s time to file your 2019 taxes and collect your part of the kicker, consider helping the animals at OHS and in your community by designating OHS to receive part (or all) of your personal income tax return.

The Oregon tax rebate, commonly called a kicker, is the result of an unexpected increase in tax revenue, and can mean hundreds of dollars (or more) in tax credits. And next year, as in previous years, Oregon taxpayers are able to donate their tax refund (which includes the kicker) to any of the 29 charities approved by the Oregon Charitable Checkoff Commission, including OHS.

To be eligible for the kicker, Oregon taxpayers must have filed a 2018 tax return and had tax due before credits. You must file a 2019 tax return in order to claim the kicker credit. To calculate your kicker amount, multiply your 2018 tax liability before credits (2018 Form OR-40 on line 22) by 17.171%.

The median kicker size is expected to be around $350, which, if donated to OHS, can provide veterinary care, food, shelter, and life-saving transport. A donation of $350 can help vaccinate nearly 250 shelter animals, can feed 35 shelter pets for a week, or transport 9 pets to OHS from smaller, overcrowded shelters.

To designate your tax refund and kicker to OHS, complete Schedule OR-DONATE and enter the amount on your Oregon income tax return. OHS’s Charitable Checkoff web page has more information on donating your tax refund to help the animals.

How much will your kicker be? Use the Oregon Department of Revenue’s “What’s My Kicker?” calculator.

Your gift saves lives. Please give today and help a pet in need.

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