Cat paws on tax documents


On your Oregon tax forms, you can designate all or part of your refund to help shelter pets at Oregon Humane Society. Your donation will help feed, care for, and find homes for thousands of animals, like Tuna the Tax Tabby.

How Does OHS Use Charitable Checkoff Funds?

Funds received through Charitable Checkoff are designated exclusively for OHS programs that provide statewide services, such as Humane Law Enforcement (HLE) and Second Chance.

In the past, Charitable Checkoff donations helped fund a fleet of greatly needed vehicles for our HLE and Second Chance teams. Fleet vehicles enable our officers to travel across the state educating and enforcing laws around animal cruelty and neglect. They also aid our Second Chance Program in transporting animals from smaller shelters throughout Oregon to OHS so they can be placed into loving homes. Additionally, Charitable Checkoff donations allowed OHS to provide shelter, food, and medical care to HLE and Second Chance animals once they reached the shelter.

How to Donate Your Tax Refund to the Animals

  1. Complete Schedule OR-DONATE to designate a gift to Oregon Humane Society (Line 14, Charity Code Number 10).
  2. Enter the amount on your Oregon income tax return, Form 40, Line 49.

Donations made through Charitable Checkoff come to OHS anonymously. While we are unable to thank donors individually, we greatly appreciate your support! 

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