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The Oregon Screen Settlement allows you to allocate your claim to OHS

You may have seen the recent TV ads and billboards proclaiming, “you may be eligible to collect money from the Oregon Screen Settlement.” Before you tune out, consider filing a claim and directing the money to the animals at OHS. Perhaps you already give annually, but are still interested in lending a hand. The Oregon Screen Settlement is a way for everyone to help OHS shelter pets.

Two lawsuits filed by the Oregon Department of Justice uncovered illegally coordinated pricing of LCD-flat panels and CRTs by manufacturers. As a result, Oregon consumers were overcharged when they purchased TVs, monitors or computers that included an LCD or CRT screen. The settlement came to $36.9 million dollars. You may receive $50 to $100 per device when you file a claim.

The best part is you can donate your settlement directly to OHS. Think of it as an anniversary gift to OHS as we celebrate our 150th year.

How far does $50 to $100 go at OHS? A $50 donation can vaccinate 10 pets entering the shelter. A $100 donation can feed 20 shelter pets for one week.

Who’s eligible?

You are eligible to file a claim if you bought a TV, monitor or notebook computer with an LCD screen from 2002 to 2006 or a TV or computer monitor with a CRT screen from 1995 to 2007, and were an Oregon resident at the time of purchase. No receipts necessary. The settlement is for persons only; businesses, corporations or other entities are not eligible.

You can submit online or mail in a claim. Again, due to the time that has passed since the purchase period, the DOJ is not requiring receipts or proof of purchase to accompany your claim.

Choose the claim you need to file:

File an LCD screen claim

File a CRT screen claim

How do you give to OHS?

Under form section “Part 4: Payment Election,” you’ll see a checkbox for “Charitable Donation.” Simply check that box and mark the spot next to “The Oregon Humane Society” in the first column of nonprofits.

Submit your claim by April 2, 2018. Have questions? Visit or email Sarah Vhay.

Your gift saves lives. Please give today and help a pet in need.
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