First OHS Responder of 2018 Sent to Help With ASPCA Rescue Efforts

OHS team member assists ASPCA with ongoing rescue operations.

APSCA emergency animal shelter. Lyndsey from the OHS admissions team helped care for dogs housed in a location similar to this.

In early January, while the ASPCA was responding to mudslides in California, they asked for our help with a separate, ongoing rescue effort. Lyndsey Asparro from our admissions team was eager to pitch-in and was on a plane within 24 hours. She is one of 121 OHS staff and volunteers who are certified in Emergency Animal Sheltering, or EAS; a requirement for responding to disasters or assisting with large-scale rescues.

Lyndsey was assigned to daily animal care and got to work as soon as she arrived. Her days were spent cleaning, feeding, socializing and providing enrichment for the animals. She called the work, “exhausting and exhilarating.”

In 2017, OHS deployed 17 teams to assist the ASPCA. Lyndsey sent us the following note on the second day of her deployment.

“Many of the responders

here worked with many of you who were in St. Croix and had nothing but good things to say about what hard workers you all are. It really made me feel proud to be part of OHS and also proud to be here representing all of you”.

Lyndsey arrived home recently, exhausted and sore, but eager to deploy again.