Dogs from Oklahoma Begin a New Chapter

OHS welcomes 39 dogs from the first transport from Oklahoma since COVID-19 changed our world.

On June 27, long before the sun came up over the plains of Oklahoma, dozens of volunteers from Fetch Fido a Flight were preparing more than 200 pets for their flight to Oregon. OHS, SafeHaven Humane Society and Newberg Animal shelter eagerly awaited the arrival of the dogs and cats. The last transport of pets bound for Oregon was canceled in March due to COVID-19, so there was a huge pent-up need to transfer animals from crowded shelters in Oklahoma. Two planes full of pets were bound for Oregon and 39 of those dogs were headed to OHS.

OHS works with Fetch Fido several times a year bringing dogs Oklahoma to Oregon where families are eager to give these wonderful pets a new life and a loving home. Shelters in Oklahoma face many challenges, taking in exponentially more animals than there are adopters. The Second Chance program at OHS provides a lifeline for these pets who have very few other options and face an uncertain future.

COVID-19 has changed almost every process at OHS, including the intake of pets through the Second Chance program. A small team of staff members masked up, met the flight at the airport and carefully loaded the kennels of precious cargo onto OHS transport vehicles. Back at the shelter, the team follows a new intake process to maintain social distancing while getting the dogs out quickly.

It’s a long trip from Oklahoma, but these wonderful dogs are ready to settle in and begin their new life in Oregon.

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