OHS Team Rescues Another Dog After 150-Foot Fall in Columbia Gorge

Joshua Osmun, a member of the OHS rescue team, checks Kenny after the rescue.
Joshua Osmun, a member of the OHS rescue team, checks Kenny after the rescue.

In a nighttime rescue near High Bridge in the Columbia Gorge, an Oregon Humane Society rescue team last night brought to safety a young dog that had fallen 150 feet into the water below.

The dog, a one-and-half-year-old shepherd/husky/Lab mix named Kenny, was hoisted to safety near midnight after falling off the edge of a steep trail earlier in the afternoon.

Dog Survives 150-Foot Fall

A 10-person volunteer rescue team from OHS responded to a call for help from the Hood River Police Department, hiking two hours up the steep Eagle Creek trail. Jennifer Stangel, a member of the OHS Technical Animal Rescue team (OHSTAR), was lowered down the 150-foot cliff and fitted Kenny with a rescue harness. OHSTAR team members then hoisted Kenny and Stangel back up the cliff and the team was able to hike out from the trail at about 2 am.

The dog’s owner, Mark Winan, was present during the rescue and was incredibly glad and grateful that his dog survived. Winan wasn’t present when Kenny fell off the cliff. His roommate took Kenny out for a hike and the dog fell chasing a squirrel over the edge of the cliff. Winan brought Kenny to Dove Lewis as he appears to have suffered possible fractured front legs plus other injuries. The dog remained alert throughout the entire rescue.

Hikers Urged to Keep Dogs On-Leash

“Two rescues like this in two weeks is very concerning,” said Rene Pizzo, OHSTAR’s team leader. “We strongly urge dog owners to keep their pets on leash at all times: your dog’s leash can save his or her life.”

OHSTAR is a skilled group of volunteers who rescue animals that are stranded or trapped and need human help to survive. They receive no tax dollars for their work, which is supported entirely by donations to OHS.

Happy Endings Supported by You

All costs for rescuing animals in distress is paid for through private donations to OHS. Your online donation today to OHS will help OHSTAR and the many other rescue activities supported by OHS.

OHSTAR also accepts donations of rescue equipment, such as technical climbing gear. See theOHS Wish List.