OHS’ Veterinary Social Worker Speaks to Senate in Support of SB496

On January 25, 2023, OHS’ internal Veterinary Social Worker, Kelly Bremken, MSSW, VSW, spoke to the Senate Committee to share OHS’ support of Senate Bill 496.

What is SB 496?

Senate Bill 496 seeks to amend, “allowable purposes of Emergency Housing Account… to assist pets of individuals experiencing or at risk of homelessness.”

If passed, people experiencing or at risk of homelessness would be eligible to receive a variety of pet care, including pet food, shelter, supplies and basic veterinary services.

Why OHS Supports SB 496

One of Oregon Humane Society’s strategic objectives is to make care accessible to all. We recognize that the cost of care is a barrier to many – from pet food to veterinary services – which is a large reason why we built the Community Veterinary Hospital. OHS believes Senate Bill 496 will provide necessary funding to pet owners who need it the most.

Other Ways OHS is Helping Our Houseless Community Members

OHS is proud to have partnered with Blanchet House, a Portland-based organization that provides critical services to people experiencing houselessness. Once per month, OHS Board Member and veterinarian, Dr. Mack visits Blanchet House to provide pet supplies and consultations to pet owners.