Friends Forever 2022 – Year of the Cat

In 2022, 11 special pets found new homes thanks to the Friends ForeverTM program. Last year was particularly unique because all the Friends Forever pets were cats.

These 11 cats, from six households, were a part of Friends Forever as their previous owner had the forethought to plan for the day when they might not be able to care for them. They wanted to be certain that if they were to have a health event, or even pass away, they had a solid plan where OHS would immediately step in to provide the care for their beloved pets.

Enrollment in the Friends Forever program includes an estate gift of any size or type. The Friends Forever program provides peace of mind knowing that a much-loved furry family member will be cared for by OHS and adopted to a new, loving home.

Queen Victoria, Chessie, Marigold, Rosebud, Dash, Zippy, Pepsi, Sprite, Miss Kitty, Bentley, and Maddie were cared for through the Friend Forever program and found a new home.

Queen Victoria

Barbara and the elegant Queen Victoria, also known as Vicki, had a quiet and peaceful life living in Los Angeles. As Barbara’s health started to fail, her daughter, Leeanne, stepped in to help make a plan for Vicki.

There were a few family members who were interested in adopting Vicki, but Vicki was used to being an only cat and the prospects of sharing a home with several other larger pets did not seem like the best option for Vicki.

Leeanne, who lived in Clackamas County, was familiar with the care of surviving pet program, Friends Forever, and knew that enrolling Vicki would be the best option to ensure Vicki’s future. So, Leeanne boarded a plane and brought Vicki to OHS, knowing that the right match  for Vicki would be found.

Leeanne wrote the following after Vicki’s adoption update:

Dear OHS,

I will be forever grateful for the care and attention given to Vicki aka Queen Victoria (such an appropriate name for her). She is a very special kitty who was a well-loved companion for my mom. Being separated from my mom and taking her first ever plane trip to Oregon was so very hard on her. OHS and the Friends Forever program provided her love and kindness and time to adjust. And then created a lovely video that captured her so well. I am beyond pleased to learn that she has found a forever home that has allowed her to feel safe and loved so that she can share her love back with them.

Thank you so much for forwarding the update on Vicki aka Queen Victoria. 💕   What a blessing for her to find a perfect new forever family who accepts how special she is. It sounds like she has bonded well with her new person. That was exactly how she was with my mom. 

I also need to say how grateful I am for the loving kindness that you gave to me during a very difficult time. I honestly can’t say enough about how you and your team made a very difficult choice into a positive experience. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,

Leeanne C.

Chessie, Marigold, Rosebud, Dash, and Zippy

This group of five cats are particularly unique because they all came from the same home AND were originally adopted from OHS. We were happy to welcome them back and help them find new, loving homes.

Alice and Roger were dedicated OHS foster parents. Throughout the years, they helped many cats, but there were five who became permanent family members; Chessie, Marigold, Rosebud, Dash and Zippy. 

When Alice passed away in 2017, Roger continued to care for their beloved pets. When his health began to decline, he moved into assisted living and was able to keep one of their cats but knew that the other five would need to find new homes.

Chessie, Marigold, Rosebud, Dash and Zippy were welcomed at OHS and quickly settled into their own colony room. Chessie was featured in a morning news segment and quickly found a new home. Rosebud and Marigold found a home together. Dash and Zippy had some medical items that needed attention, so they were at OHS for a couple extra weeks to receive needed medical care.


Adopted from OHS in 2014, by Denny and Patricia, they promptly enrolled her in the care of surviving pet program, Friends Forever. Patricia died in 2016 so it was just Maddy and Denny for all the years since then. When Dennis had a health event earlier this year, Maddy was received in September. Denny was comforted knowing that Maddy could be immediately received and was well cared for at OHS. Maddy had only been with Denny, so she spent about a month in the OHS behavior modification program learning some confidence in how to be around other people.

Edwin, a volunteer for the San Francisco ASPCA had fostered many cats, but Maddy was the first cat that he adopted. He was looking on the OHS website for cats and noticed how pretty Maddy was, and at 16 years of age, wanted to give her the bet life possible for the remainder of her years.  “As kittens get adopted so much more quickly than more senior cats, I wanted to give a more senior cat a home.”

Edwin wrote, “Thank you for letting me adopt Maddy. She is wonderful and is a very sweet girl. She loves to lay on me all day.”

By enrolling in Friends Forever™ and making a planned gift to OHS you have our promise to immediately receive, care for, and place into new homes, any surviving pets.

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