Oregon Humane Society partners with Blanchet House to Help Pets

Dr. Mack with golden retriever at Blanchet House

OHS Steps Out Into Our Most Vulnerable Community

Thanks to OHS Board member and veterinarian, Dr. Robert Mack, people who receive services from the Blanchet House of Hospitality now have access to veterinary advice and supportive health services for their pets. 

Once a month, Dr. Mack makes himself available to consult with pet owners receiving services from Blanchet House. He is available to answer questions and, when needed, facilitate referrals to Oregon Humane Society’s Community Veterinary Hospital. Dr. Mack also distributes necessary supplies including food, collapsible water bowls, harnesses, leashes, and collars. These items are all donations from the Oregon Humane Society. Thanks to the efforts of OHS’ Inventory Specialist, Evan Himlick, OHS was able to secure 20 backpacks filled with blankets, socks, water bottles, and other much-needed supplies that were distributed to members of the Blanchet House community. 

Dr. Mack at Blanchet House with pet supplies and an "Ask the Vet" sign

Animal companions play an important role in the lives of the unhoused

Pets help ease loneliness and isolation, reduce depression and anxiety, and can provide security.  For many, the responsibility of caring for a pet may be the primary motivation to find a path towards permanent housing.  

OHS is proud to be able to provide more animals with access to the healthcare they need to thrive. Please consider donating pet care items that are new or in near-new condition. We are currently in need of harnesses, collapsible water bowls, and water-proof dog blankets.