Tiny, But Mighty, Nimoy

Tiny, but mighty, 15-year-old Nimoy still has a pep in his step and a zest for life.

Nimoy arrived as a stray at Multnomah County Animal Services and quickly became a staff favorite. He was a great candidate for adoption and transferred to OHS.

After Nimoy arrived at OHS, everyone was instantly surprised at how peppy he was. He would jump around, eager to meet you when entering his kennel. He loved going for walks – even if he would get tired a little quicker than the younger dogs. Nimoy was always grateful for a warm, cozy bed. Each time a fresh bed was placed in his kennel, he would immediately jump in and soak up the soft, fluffy fabric. His sweet face and long, draping tongue endeared him to staff and volunteers.

When Keelie submitted an adoption application for Nimoy, she knew they were destined to be a great match. She has recently lost her beloved dog, RBG, who was also a senior when she adopted her.

Keelie was brimming with excitement when she arrived at OHS to meet Nimoy and complete his adoption.

Anticipation was in the air as adoption specialist Kat LaRue went to get Nimoy and bring him to the meeting room where Keelie was waiting.

As Nimoy was placed in Keelie’s arms, a huge smile same across her face and their bond was instant.

“It was really clear from speaking with Keelie during her adoption consultation over the phone that she was passionate about giving a senior dog a loving home, says Kat. “She was charmed by Nimoy’s quirks and committed to addressing his medical needs as well. Watching them meet was so special because Nimoy was more playful than I expected, and he was immediately happy in Keelie’s arms. I knew there was no way they wouldn’t be leaving together.”