A Special Kitten Named Shane

Kitten with unique condition looking for loving home.

Some might say he’s unlucky, but after you spend five minutes with this sweet guy you quickly forget that under that perfect furry coat lies a misshapen sternum. You can barely feel it as he lies in your arms, purring contently.

Three-month-old kitten Shane was born with a condition called pectus excavatum. His sternum is abnormal – growing in toward the chest instead of lying flat.

“We learned about this condition in vet school, but I never thought I would see it,” says Dr. Emily Ferrell, OHS veterinarian.

In some cases, the condition can cause breathing or heart related issues due to compression of the space in the chest. A surgical procedure, usually done when the kitten is young and the bones are pliable, can prevent complications. However, surgery is not always necessary. Luckily, Shane has not shown any symptoms and continues to be growing normally.

“I anticipate that Shane will have a normal, healthy life,” adds Dr. Ferrell. “It’s more likely that you will see complications while they are very young.”

Despite this positive prognosis, Shane continues to be passed over by adopters. He’s become a staff and volunteer favorite, but it’s not the same as a purrfect home.

A medical consultation is included with Shane’s adoption. Read more about Shane and see his video here.