Celebrating 150 Years – One Animal at a Time

After Hurricane Harvey, a dog named Bruce inspires compassion

In 1868, Thomas Lamb Eliot called for action after witnessing the abuse of a horse pulling a wagon in downtown Portland. This single plea, put forward by one man, was the catalyst for change. Eliot formed the Oregon Humane Society with other like-minded Portlanders and their work became a beacon of compassion, recognizing the special bond between humans and animals

Sometimes the work of OHS is sweeping, particularly when it comes to legislation protecting animals from cruelty. However, most of the time OHS’s compassionate work is carried out one animal at a time.

During Hurricane Harvey in September 2017, the world watched as Houston and the surrounding area was inundated with record rainfall. Thousands of people and animals were displaced or needed rescuing as the flood waters submerged their homes.

Life is good – Bruce loves playing with his new friends.

The OHS disaster response team was there, assisting local shelters and caring for people and pets in need. There was one dog, named Bruce, who particularly caught the attention of the OHS team. Bruce had been in and out of the shelter in Brazoria, Texas, since 2016 and the stress of the storm felt like the tipping point. He needed a break and a second chance at a loving home.

In October 2017, OHS brought 80 pets to Oregon to help alleviate the pressure on local Texas shelters and help pets who were already in the shelter system find forever homes. One of the passengers on that flight was Bruce.

Bruce wasn’t perfect – especially after being in a shelter for so long and then dealing with the stress of the storm. But through the patience and skill of the OHS staff, Bruce settled in and started to come out of his shell. A few weeks later, he found his forever home with someone who has fostered dogs and understood Bruce’s special needs.

Today, Bruce’s adopter, Kim, continues to work with him to help him thrive. ”He is amazing and we love him so much.”

Through OHS’s long history, one thing has remained constant – the collective power of individual, compassionate moments.

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