Happy Tails: Frankenstein’s Monstrous Move

From shelter life in Portland to a new life in Spain

Since Frankenstein was adopted from OHS in 2014, he and his adopter, Xelha, have relocated to Spain. Xelha recently shared this adoption update with us:

“I got Frankenstein (original name Braxton) five years ago today when I went to OHS with a friend because she wanted to look at a dog. I ended up locking eyes with this little monster and couldn’t leave without him.

Two years ago I moved to Spain for nursing school and was so nervous taking him with me, but I couldn’t NOT take him with me. He is very happy here and has even traveled outside of Spain with his little pet passport. He loves the big parks and the mountains and he always enjoys getting a café con leche on the adorable Spanish streets.

He is my absolute best friend and I don’t know what I would do without him.

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