Birds Rescued by OHS from Terrible Conditions

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OHS investigators with some of the rescued birds.
OHS investigations team members during the rescue in Damascus.

In one of the largest animal rescues in Oregon history, the Oregon Humane Society yesterday seized 245 pet birds, including many exotic species, from a Damascus resident under investigation for animal neglect.

Oct 24, 2016 – Update here »

Nov. 11, 2016 – Adoption update here »

Many of the birds were housed in overcrowded cages filled with feces and waste that was sometimes several inches deep. Cages were often stacked three or four high, with feces and food waste overflowing from the top cages to the cages below. Many of the birds suffered from severe feather plucking and overgrown nails and beaks, while others appeared to be suffering from chronic stress.

A representative from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife who visited the location with OHS, observed that, “Everything was wrong: crowded cages, no perches, no fresh drinking water, some with no food, cages haven’t been cleaned … no evidence of common care.” A veterinarian from the Oregon Zoo, asked to review the conditions, stated that, “It is obvious that basic veterinary and husbandry care are not being provided.”

The birds were housed in a metal pole barn located on SE Bel Air Drive in Damascus. OHS was alerted to the condition of the birds by a citizen who was concerned about overcrowded conditions, poor sanitation and poor air circulation inside the building. The owner of the birds identified himself as a long-time breeder who stated to OHS that he had not truly cleaned the cages since last spring. The owner declined to surrender the birds voluntarily and said he planned to sell some of the birds.

OHS Humane Special Agents, with the assistance of the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office, executed a search warrant the morning of July 6 and seized 245 birds and one kinkajou (a small mammal). The bird species seized include African gray parrots, macaws, cockatoos, conures, ring neck doves, pigeons, Amazon parrots, finches and parakeets.

The birds were transported to an emergency animal shelter prepared by OHS, where they were examined by a veterinarian and treated for medical issues. The animals are not available for adoption at this time and are not available for viewing by the public.

How You Can Help

OHS is in need of special supplies to assist with the care of the birds. Those who would like to help are encouraged to donate some of the needed items found on our Wish List here and our Amazon registry here.

If you are interested in becoming an OHS foster care volunteer, please find information and the application here.

The animals involved in this case are currently in protective custody and cannot be rehomed at this time. OHS will continue to update the public on our website and social media as we can. This is an ongoing investigation. Nov. 11, 2016 – Adoption update here »

Notes: OHS does not maintain wait lists for interested adopters. OHS will provide updates on this case as we can, including adoption information if/when available. Watch our website and refresh it often for new information, see currently available pets for adoption here, and consider signing up for our email newsletter here to be notified of any updates.

Video: Rescue and Emergency Shelter Set-up


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41 Responses to “Birds Rescued by OHS from Terrible Conditions”

  1. Stacey Brewer

    I would appreciate being on a list for an adoptive home when its appropriate. Have experience with the large exotic breeds. It requires ALOT of commitment because as healthy and happy bird, they might outlive you!

  2. Connie Barnum

    Thank you thank you OHS!!! Warms my heart to see them in clean housing, with fresh water & nutritious food as well as being safe! I have a couple of used cages as well as other parrot related items I would like to donate, will you accept used items in good condition?

  3. Karen Lee

    I hope this person does some serious jail time.

  4. Lori Tull

    I live in Michigan and have experience in caring for large birds and would love to adopt a few. They would live right with me in my home.

  5. BendWannaBe

    Scum of the earth.

  6. Cj Brandt

    Thank God- what a blessing to these dear babies! Praying for good homes for them, will help as I can. ❤

  7. Mamaofthree

    Might I suggest reaching out to this organization:
    Some of the birds are going to be so traumatized that adopting them out is going to be exceedingly difficult. This is a sanctuary where some of the birds may be able to live out thier lives well cared for.

  8. Christine Jones

    Hi, I just donated $10, all I can do at this time. I would like to hear about where i can adopt one when they become available, there are no bird rescues organizations in Idaho. thanks!

  9. yuppynup

    Poor babies, you’ve done an amazing thing

  10. Sue Nickerson Trudell

    would like to adopt a bird if that is possible.

    • Jacob Simon

      Sometimes the criminal court proceedings take months or longer. Once the “breeder” is convicted then they should be available. In the mean time I am sure the county could use assistance with the vet bills and expenses, as well as volunteer care. 🙂

  11. Mary Ann

    Thank you so much for rescuing these precious feathered creatures. I am sending a donation. Thank you!!!!

  12. karen lyons kalmenson

    hopefully these angels on earth will find the homes, love and care that they deserve.

  13. 1831405342


  14. Susan

    Birdie says thank you for giving me food! And a clean cage.

  15. Sharon Scott

    Do you need any fosters for the birds?

  16. Nimbose

    Oh my goodness. How any ‘breeder’ could think those conditions is okay is beyond me! No doubt some of them are going to be sick… and traumatised. They’re so intelligent. People don’t realise birds can have mental illnesses from neglect.

    As a bird owner myself (just one Indian ringneck), I don’t understand how anyone could treat such wonderful creatures in a horrible way…

    I don’t know how he planned to sell those birds, either. Plucked feathers, poor conditions; you’d have to be mad to give him money for the way he ran things! No one should be rewarded for that.

    I hope if any of them can eventually be adopted out that they find their forever home. And for those that can’t, hopefully they find a sanctuary for them. 8(

  17. Oregon Humane

    Hi all, thank you for your interest in helping these birds. Please see above – all animals rescued in this case are in protective custody and cannot be adopted at this time. We will update our website and social media when we have news. For now, this is an open, ongoing investigation. The birds will continue to be cared for by OHS as the case progresses. If you would like to become an OHS foster care volunteer, the information can be found above and at Meanwhile, donations of the needed supplies linked above are most helpful. Thanks again!

  18. ShemomoMaggs

    Thank you for rescuing these birds….you are awesome. Donating….

  19. Reneé Williams-Nesbitt

    I used to live in Ptld, but I now live in Ocean Park , Wa. I have owned my wonderful 18 yr. old macaw for 11 years. I love big birds & would be happy to foster &/or adopt any birds needing homes. I am experienced in handling large birds. Please include me in any future notifications regarding the needs of any of these poor babies.

  20. IR Barton

    QUESTION RE WISHLIST SUPPLIES ON AMAZON – Can you accept ‘used’ perches, for example, or must they be new and unused? I see some new perches, but also many used available and will not purchase if you cannot accept them. – Thank you for your work! Best, IRB

  21. Vicki Lu Berger Mihajlich

    Just had a cage sent from Amazon. I’m so sorry for these birds and so grateful to you for helping them.

  22. H.s. Hunt

    I know you’re busy, but any updates on the status of this situation?
    I donated toys via Bonka.

    • Oregon Humane

      Thank you for your donation! We were able to post an update to social media regarding all of the donations we received, which have been amazing. OHS cannot provide any updates on the case or the birds until the legal case progresses further, however. This may take some time.

      • H.s. Hunt

        Thank you for your response and the info that you’ve received generous donations. Legal status complications are understood. What social media outlet / platform are you posting updates to?

        • Oregon Humane

          OHS utilizes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and has a social feed on our website here for all #OHSpets content. You can find quick links to all social platforms in the left side menu universal to our website. Usual username: @oregonhumane

  23. Cindi Lewis

    I’d like to be on the adoptive list too. I’ve had exotic birds for 17 years, have an extra cage which would work for med or smaller birds and would purchase whatever is needed for larger parrots.

  24. Misty Morgan

    Are any of these birds being put up for adoption? We are looking to adopt a pigeon to join our rescue pigeon.

    • Oregon Humane

      The court case is still in progress. So, unfortunately we cannot provide updates on the birds at this time, other than to say they are still receiving excellent care from OHS staff and volunteers. We will update on the case as soon as we can, but it can take time. OHS does have pigeons seeking homes sometimes (from other circumstances/not protective custody), so you’re welcome to keep an eye on our website and sign up for alerts to be notified when one (or more) comes in.

  25. Mercedes Ann Schenk

    Heartbreaking. Donating, sharing, and waiting with bated breath. I look forward to adopting and helping rehabilitate some of these fids find a safe forever home. So many years left! Thanks to you they can live out the rest with attention, health, happiness, and fun. <3 Thank you!

  26. Mercedes Ann Schenk

    Animal Hoarding is a mental illness. These animals were not receiving care and the owner refused to surrender. I believe that the Oregon Humane Society responded appropriately. I’m curious as to which species of bird you are referring to? Stress is something to consider, however when compared to the long list of issues, it takes a back seat. I’m sure they transferred the birds as stress-free as possible.

  27. Barbara Cooley

    I see a lot of people here want to adopt. Might I suggest helping out now if you are close enough to do so and that way the right bird will pick you. It works every time. That is how I have had so many of mine. Some birds might not want you and you should listen to them.

  28. Linda C. Henault Dengler

    I will adopt when possible.

  29. Jackie Pryor

    Where in Oregon are these fids being housed?

  30. GodsDailyBread

    I want to adopt! How do I do that?

  31. grant

    I am in Canada . I have 2 rescue birds since 1990. I am willing to adopt . Is it possible to from Canada?

  32. Wendy Jendro

    Just sent you a donation of toys for the parrots from Amazon. I wish I had known about it sooner. Hoping all the birds are doing well. Thank you for your care of these poor birds. I submitted my request for adoption or rescue for any unwanted Greys or cockatoos and others. Hoping they all find loving forever homes.

  33. Paloma

    Hello my name is Paloma. I would love to adopt one of your birds. We rescued an African Grey a few years ago and we absolutely love him. He is very much a part of our family now.
    We live in a big home and I also had parrots when I was a child growing up. We know that it is essential for Parrots to be loved and well taken care of. They require a person at home with them and in our lives as a family they would never be alone.

  34. sandie basile-bulikhov

    I am so sad about the poor conditions these angels were living in. Thank God for the people who found and rescued them. I too, rescue birds…some are extremely aggressive, but I decided a long time ago to take in abused or unwanted birds. (I do have a few that were not rescues.) If I can be of any assistance, please let me know….I am not licensed or anything, but I have two aggressive rescues and I love them very much, and I know how to handle them. It is all about trust…and whomever takes an aggressive bird must realize that they may never be able to cuddle their birdy…but the reward of giving them a clean, happy, safe home will be more fulfilling than we expected. God bless the birds in their recovery….sandie

  35. Cindi Lewis

    Did you know… You can donate monthly and choose your AMAZON charity donation on AMAZON SMILE … select OHS and a % of what you buy on AMAZON will go to OHS! –

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