Adoptions Planned for Rescued Birds

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Rescued Birds available for adoption soon.
These rescued birds will be available for adoption soon.

A Damascus man charged with animal neglect has surrendered ownership of 245 exotic birds, allowing OHS to move ahead with the process of offering the birds for adoption. OHS plans to begin adoptions the first week of December.

The birds were seized by OHS this summer as the result of an investigation that found the animals living in overcrowded and unsanitary conditions in a barn in Damascus (full story here). The owner was subsequently charged with multiple counts of animal neglect. While the legal case against the owner continues in the courts, the decision to relinquish ownership to OHS allows adoptions to proceed.

The birds have been receiving ongoing care by OHS in an emergency shelter. The birds include a variety of exotic breeds, including African grey parrots, macaws, cockatoos, conures, ring neck doves, pigeons, Amazon parrots, finches and parakeets.

Update: Adoptions Open to Public Beginning Dec. 20

OHS will open up a bird viewing area to the public beginning Dec. 20. Interested adopters can visit the shelter and meet with the available birds. There are a variety of macaws, conures and other medium to large species currently available.

One of the rescued birds now available for adoption at OHS.

Adoptions by appointment, based on the pre-applications OHS received, began on Dec. 4. As of Dec. 19, more than 140 of the rescued birds have “flown the coop!”

The birds available now are being added to our website. See their profiles here, which include photos and adoption fees for each, and when prospective adopters visit, staff and volunteers will go over each bird’s behavior and needs in detail.

A team of staff and volunteers have worked with these birds since they came to OHS on July 7. In our care, the birds flourished. They were provided a constant supply of toys, boxes, and paper to shred; organic vegetables and fruit to eat and throw around; and clean water, abundant food and a variety of perches—all things they lacked in their previous lives. They learned target training and proved to be excellent and motivated students. Now, watching these birds leave our care for their forever homes is the ultimate happy ending.

“OHS staff and volunteers have provided top-notch care for these birds over the last six months, and I am thrilled to see that the birds will now get a chance to find forever homes with families who appreciate these unique creatures,” said OHS Executive Director Sharon Harmon.

Like all animals at OHS, the birds will stay at OHS until homes are found, without any time limits.

The OHS adoptions team is prepared to continue making excellent matches as the adoption process opens up to the public this week. Find directions to OHS, hours of operation and more here »

Online Adoption Application

People interested in adopting a bird are urged to begin the process by submitting an online application {now closed – thank you}.

We are not yet able to answer any questions regarding the individual birds, however if you fill out an adoption application, an OHS representative will follow up with you. If you have not yet received a reply, you can check in via our bird inquiry voicemail: (503) 802-6788.

Information about the upcoming adoption event, along with details regarding individual birds available for adoption, will be shown on the OHS website as this information becomes available. Until that time OHS cannot provide additional details or photos of specific birds. Adoption fees will vary with the individual birds, and this information is included on their adoption profiles when available.

Interested adopters will need to come meet the birds in person at the shelter in NE Portland.

More Information

Training with the Birds »


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18 Responses to “Adoptions Planned for Rescued Birds”

  1. Daniel Kuttner

    I’d be interested if they have Grey Cheeked or Canary Winged parakeets.

  2. Alan Kolkow

    What will the adoption fees be once they are deemed ready to adopt?

  3. Vincent Kirchoff

    I seen 2 pantagonians in there have they been adopted?

  4. Fausto Dorado

    I’m in Miami. I would rescue and adopt one. I am familiar with large billed birds owning an Amazon, African, and had a Cockatoo in the past.

  5. Cindi Lewis

    I am very interested and excited to possibly adopt one or two of these sweethearts who need a good home. I’m open to taking a pair that need to stay together if needed. I’m already preparing my home for them! Please keep me updated.

  6. Mary Elizabeth

    My husband and I are in the process of building a 20×10 avairy in the back of our house and I’m sure those larger parrots would love it! We currently have two blue and gold macaws and they are wonderful!

  7. Cindi Lewis

    I forgot to mention on the application…. we have a large 15×15 room in our home, and will convert it into a room for birds… which is right off our great room. So they can be in the great room with us if they want or in a private large room.. where they can have an area to be private, be out, play, fly and be safe under supervision. Whoever we are lucky to adopt will love our loving and safe home!! Located in the Portland Metro area. Experienced bird owner for 17 years, small parrot family.

  8. Elizabeth Richardson

    I still have yet to receive any updates? I am very interested in adopting a bird! Any updates is helpful!

    • Oregon Humane

      Thank you for your application! The OHS team is in the process of contacting applicants, and the list of interested adopters thus far includes hundreds of people. It might take a little while but they are working on it!

  9. Wendy Jendro

    I put in an application too and answered a survey. I am very excited and anxiously awaiting to hear from the OHS. I sent some toys from your Amazon wish list for the big birdies. They should have been delivered by now. Copy and paste if you too can donate.

    Hoping all the birds are doing ok and are in good health based on what they have been through. Poor things. Hope to hear from you soon but I am willing to wait until the bird(s) are ready but would appreciate an idea of what is next in the process. I see some birds have already been adopted, do we only look at the ready for adoption page for the birds or will you be contacting us? I live outside of Seattle so you are a 3 hour plus car drive away. If you need help one weekend cleaning and feeding/watering, I could probably make a trip down to help out. Let me know. I am very experienced with birds of all kinds. I know the amount of work it is to care for all of these birds. Hoping I could come visit and see who wants to pick me to live with or who needs help coming out of their shell.

    • Oregon Humane

      Thanks for applying, and for the gifts for the birds! The OHS team is still processing and contacting applicants. It may be another week or so before there is another update. We now also have a voicemail box for bird inquiries if you would like to call: 503-802-6788.

  10. Amber Cook

    I rec’d an email. I got invited to a meet & greet! Can’t wait!!

  11. Cindi Lewis

    Set up my Amazon Smile account to donate to OHS and set up a monthly donation and posted on FB challenging others to do the same. Do you still need toys? How are the birds doing… wish we could come up and see them.

  12. Cindi Lewis

    I found on Amazon Smile, you can order normal items and choose a charity like OHS! Great way to add a little extra. Also small monthly donations go a long way. Hope the birds are doing much better! Anxious to hear something soon.

  13. Chelsea Wright

    I am so happy you guys were able to rescue all these magnificent birds! I filled out my application a while ago but still have yet to receive a reponse… I know these birds are doing much better in your care!

    • Oregon Humane

      The OHS team is contacting applicants personally. If you applied online and haven’t heard back yet, you can also call our new designated line for bird inquiries: 503-802-6788. Thank you!

  14. Garrett Bennett

    Hey I got call from you guys and was probably coming in tomorrow to check out phone died while on the phone with someone and didn’t save the number in call log.
    Can you contact me? 503 314 2534

  15. Cindi Lewis

    Love our Jardine’s Parrot we adopted! We call her Jardine… sometime’s “Peep” as she “Peep’s” to call out to me. She started that after our smoke detector battery went off during a power outage, she started to mimic the sound. So cute!!! Thank you OHS for all you’ve done for these birds!! Thank you Rene!! You are totally awesome!

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