OHS Rescues 11 Dogs; Owner Cited for Neglect

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Neglected dog at OHS.
Rescued dog at OHS.

OHS investigators rescued 11 dogs this week from a property in Veneta, Oregon, and cited an individual with animal neglect. Authorities reported that there were no clean areas of the home where dogs were living, that accumulated animal feces was several inches thick in some areas and that the smell of ammonia from animal urine was overpowering. The pets were reported to be living among accumulated animal waste and trash.

UPDATE DEC. 12, 2016: The Lane County District Attorney has charged the owner of the dogs with 11 misdemeanor counts of criminal animal neglect and one felony count. The owner, a breeder of French bulldogs, faces the felony charge because the case involves 11 dogs. A pre-trial conference with the defendant is scheduled for Jan.  17, 2017.

The 11 dogs removed from the property on Nov. 15 were brought to the OHS shelter in Portland for medical examinations. The dogs will remain in the care of OHS while the legal case proceeds. Because the dogs are evidence in a criminal neglect case, they are not available for adoption at this time.

All 11 dogs seized were adults. The breeds represented among the rescued dogs included  Brussels griffon, shih tzu, French bulldog, Chinese crested, standard poodle, bull terrier, dachshund and whippet.

Minimum Care Standards for Breeders

A resident of the property in Veneta was cited for animal neglect and for violating standards of care that apply to breeders. Arraignment on the charges is scheduled for December 12, 2016.

Under Oregon law, anyone with 10 or more sexually intact dogs must meet standards of care that include sanitary kennels, daily exercise, medical care, record keeping, and more. The standards were approved by state legislature to ensure that dog breeders provide minimum care for animals.

A Veneta Code Enforcement Officer found several areas inside the home where the animals had continuously defecated and urinated without the waste being removed. A Lane County Sheriff’s Office Deputy reported that he could smell ammonia from animal urine 20 feet from the house, and that garbage and papers were strewn throughout the home. Local officials had brought their concern regarding animal neglect to OHS, which resulted in OHS obtaining a search warrant for the purposes of seizing evidence and removing neglected animals.

The search warrant was served Nov. 15 on a property on E. Hunter Road in Veneta. OHS, Lane County Sheriff’s Office, Veneta Code Enforcement and the Oregon Department of Human Services were on the scene.

OHS Humane Special Agents are commissioned by the Oregon State Police to enforce animal cruelty laws throughout Oregon. No tax dollars are used to support their work.

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How You Can Help

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While these dogs are not currently available for adoption, you can see those who are on our website here »

If you witness animal neglect or cruelty, report it to local law enforcement or (in Oregon) OHS »


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