Report Animal Cruelty Online

We have received many reports and screenshots of a video that has been circulating online which reportedly shows a shock collar being worn over the groin of a dog as a method of training. We appreciate the caring responses that we have received from the community. Going forward, we kindly ask that those without personal involvement allow room for those with firsthand knowledge of the situation to file reports. Thank you for your understanding.

If your report is about an emergency involving an animal needing immediate assistance, such as an animal in a hot car, please call your local animal control or police agency. If your report is about issues such as barking dogs, animals running loose, or animal bites, please call your local animal control agency.

If you believe you’ve witnessed a crime involving animals, provide the following details (form below) to initiate an investigation. Please do not file multiple reports with different agencies. Due to the confidential nature of the investigations, you will not receive information regarding the results of an investigation.

You can also phone in a report at (503) 802-6707.

Please Note: The OHS Investigations Department accepts anonymous reports, however your report may not be investigated if information is missing or incomplete based on our criteria for case initiation.

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