Dogs Rescued from Suspected Drug House

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Dogs in standing water at scene of rescue.
Dogs living in standing water at scene of rescue.

An OHS investigations team yesterday rescued 17 dogs from a suspected drug house that was the target of a raid by the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office.  Deputies from the Sheriff’s Office found dead rats in the drinking water of pets as well large amounts of dog feces and urine in the areas where animals lived and played.

A six-person OHS investigation team removed 14 puppies and three adult dogs from the house on the 16400 block of S. Harding Road in Oregon City. All the rescued animals were transported to OHS where they are now being held as evidence in a criminal case. OHS veterinarians will examine the dogs and provide any forensic evidence to Clackamas County authorities. The dogs are not available for adoption at this time, as they are part of the Clackamas County criminal case.

The animals may have been part of a breeding operation involving dozens of puppies and other dogs of various ages and breeds, said deputies. Breeds found on the scene included what appeared to be both black and yellow Labrador retrievers, German shepherds, Chihuahuas and cocker spaniels. Promotional materials found on-site stated that the occupants were breeding pure AKC-registered black Lab puppies from a “champion bloodline.” The advertisements said the puppies were in a “loving home” and “always around children.”

Deputies arrested four individuals and seized over $7,000 in cash and approximately 100,000 Tramadol opioid pills. Clackamas County Code Enforcement also responded, and is conducting an investigation into the living conditions on the property. Clackamas County Dog Services was also on the scene and is assisting with the investigation.

OHS was glad to be a part of this multi-agency effort,” said Sharon Harmon, OHS executive director. “Our investigators were able to quickly deploy when Clackamas County discovered the conditions these animals were living in,” said Harmon.

She advised people looking to purchase a pet to do their research first. “Don’t meet someone in the parking lot. If they are selling pets out of their home, go to their home and ask to see all the animals in the house, not just the cute one in the living room. Your first clue that something is amiss is if they won’t show you the animals in the rest of the house. Make a call: call the police department, your sheriff, or the Oregon Humane Society and let us investigate.”

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Report cruelty or neglect to your local authorities. You can report online to OHS here »

The dogs from this case are not currently available for adoption. OHS will keep the public apprised as the case progresses, however this is a Clackamas County case.

“From this moment forward, the dogs are safe,” Harmon said. “They’ll be fed, groomed, loved, and we’ll try hard not to spoil them.”

If you’d like to help OHS with the care of these rescued dogs, you can find our Wish List of needed items here »

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  1. Ken Brinkley

    Thanks for saving these wonderful ,loving critters !

  2. Little Brown House Herbary

    Yes, thank you–and when these babies ARE available, let me be first in line! 🙂

  3. Tobi Walker

    Obviously I care mostly about the safety of the dogs, but whoever was shipping those folks narcotics by the case needs to be prosecuted — this can’t be their only illicit customer.

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