A Gift with Guaranteed Income for Life

By Charles Aubin

Charles and Gus

I am a long-time supporter of Oregon Humane Society. I’ve done it all—volunteering, donating, and working with staff. In fact, I’ve even been Santa at the holiday event, Santa Paws, for over twenty years! As I deepened my relationship with animals and their people, I wanted to further my commitment to their future. My desire to create more meaningful change is why I supported Oregon Humane Society with a charitable gift annuity (CGA).

CGAs have double the impact. When you support OHS with a CGA, you provide lifesaving resources for pets in need—and a lifetime of guaranteed annual income for yourself. 

It’s simple. If you are 65 or older and give a charitable gift annuity of $10,000 or more to OHS, you will receive guaranteed annual income for the remainder of your life. The annuity payment amount is fixed at the time of your gift and depends on the age(s) of the income beneficiaries. These payments can be made to you and/or a loved one.

Your charitable gift annuity can help pets like Gus receive a second chance. He, like so many others, was surrendered due to his family’s inability to care for him. Because of OHS, Gus was able to find a loving home that understands his needs and allows him to become the best dog he can be.  

By establishing a CGA with Oregon Humane Society, you ensure that pets get their second chances long into the future while providing yourself with financial security. I like CGAs so much that I now have three of them and enjoy the reliable twice-a-year payments that are sent to me. I hope you will join me by investing in animals and your future with a charitable gift annuity.

Getting started is easy. For a confidential, personalized illustration of how a CGA would work for you, visit legacy.oregonhumane.org/cga or contact Gary Kish at (503) 416-2988.