OHS Partners with ASPCA to Fly 60+ Puppies to Safety

April 20, 2023. Airplane with staff from ASPCA and OHS at Troutdale Airport carrying 66 puppies and 1 mama dog.

The puppies have landed.

Oregon Humane Society responded to the call for help in the aftermath of devastating floods in Central California.

Late Thursday, April 20, 2023, Oregon Humane Society received over 60 puppies through our Second Chance program.

One of our second chance partners is the ASPCA® (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). When the ASPCA’s Animal Relocation Program called upon OHS to take in 62 puppies and one mama dog from Tulare County Animal Services in Visalia, California, our team immediately sprung into action.

In total, 46 puppies and the one adult female dog were brought to our Portland Campus. The remaining 16 puppies were transported to our Salem Campus. Their ages range from ten weeks to four months.

Giving pets in need a second chance.

OHS’ Second Chance program works with more than 60 shelter and rescue partners throughout Oregon and across the region. These life-saving transports assist organizations facing a variety of challenges, from shelter overcrowding to natural disasters.

“Puppies are very vulnerable in the shelter environment and caring for them is labor intensive,” says Chase Patterson, OHS Vice President of Shelter Operations. “By moving these puppies to OHS, they will have access to more resources and will be adopted into loving homes faster.”

“We are proud to assist Tulare County Animal Services following the devastating floods in their community by moving them to Oregon Humane Society,” said Karen Walsh, Senior Director, Animal Relocation, ASPCA. “These puppies now have the opportunity to be adopted into loving homes more quickly. We’re grateful to have the resources to help move these animals to safety.”

OHS experts helping pets in distress.

“With two campuses and an expert team of operations and medical staff, OHS can respond quickly to this urgent need,” says Sharon Harmon, OHS President and CEO. “Our incredible volunteers are also stepping up to help care for these puppies until they are adopted.”

The puppies will all receive any needed medical care and will be spayed / neutered prior to being ready for adoption.

Interested in adopting a puppy?

We’ve put together a handy Puppy 101 Toolkit with information about typical puppy behavior and resources to help you support your new furry friend.

We need your help.

OHS is only able to respond to crises like this in a moment’s notice because of supporters like you.