OHS’ Renovated Cattery Reopens to the Public

The cats are back!

After months of construction at our Portland Campus, the cats have moved back into their renovated space in the cattery.

We redesigned the space by splitting our colony rooms in half, allowing flexibility for long term cats, bonded pairs, and litters of kittens. These adaptable spaces can either be divided or left open, giving us lots of housing options for adoptable cats. We have also framed out space for future cat condos, which are slated to be installed later this year.

Closed door leading into cattery room A showing cat cubbies and multiple water bowls.
White and grey cat in new kennel in the rebuilt cattery

Improved work space

Our staff and volunteer work area also saw huge improvements during this renovation. All countertops and floors were replaced with more durable materials.

Throughout this construction period, our Blue Pod – normally reserved for dogs – was used to house adoptable shelter cats. While the cats seemed to enjoy having large kennels to roam around and play in, the cats are already adjusting wonderfully to their newly designed cattery.

Make yourself comfortable

The shelter can be a very stressful environment for animals. We re-envisioned our cattery with the goal of reducing cat’s stress levels at the shelter so they will have an easier time transitioning into homes. This redesigned space provides shelter cats plenty of room to roam around, play, and relax as they await their new, loving families.