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July 6, 2013: SB 6 passed the Oregon State Senate and House! It now joins two other major pieces of animal-related legislation, HB 2783 and SB 835, awaiting the Governor's signature to be made into law. Find more details about this legislation below and in this news story.

2013 Oregon Legislative Session


OHS applauds the Oregon Legislature for the passage of several key pieces of legislation that will protect animals in our state. OHS also thanks the members of the public who voiced your opinions on these issues to your local representatives. In this 2013 legislative session, Oregon has successfully strengthened our animal cruelty laws.


Most notably, OHS lauds the passage of SB 6, the Omnibus Animal Bill. This legislation addresses many issues, particularly those raised by the recent rescue of more than 100 dogs from a warehouse in Brooks. This legislation will, for example, increase penalties for offenses involving ten or more animals and will require rescue groups to obtain licenses and maintain records.


We are also pleased by the passage of HB 2783, which restricts the practice of chronically tethering dogs and requires that outdoor dogs have access to a shelter to protect them from the elements. Press release from HSUS.


The third piece of key legislation that passed is SB 835, which bans horse tripping for sport or entertainment purposes in Oregon.


For more information about the bills (full text, sponsoring lawmakers, status, etc.), click on the the "Bill Info" link that follows the description of each bill.


Learn how to contact your elected officials by phone and email here.


Bills Supported by OHS


HB 2058 Prohibits person convicted of certain crimes from owning, being employed by or providing services at animal grooming parlor or boarding kennel for specified period following conviction. Bill Info.


HB 2394* Animal Abuser registry. Requires person convicted of certain animal crimes to register with law enforcement agencies. Requires disclosure of registration information on request and authorizes disclosure via Internet. Imposes registration fee. Creates crime of failure to report as animal abuser. Bill Info.


HB 2745 Adds animal cause to the list of crimes subject to civil nuisance abatement actions. Bill Info.


HB 2783* OHS strongly supports this bill, which would make it illegal to tether dogs for extended periods and would require minimal outdoor shelter to protect dogs from the elements. Tethering dogs has been shown to increase dog aggression and harm the health of the animal. Bill Info, Testimony by OHS, Additional Testimony by OHS.

6/10/13: Bill has passed both legislative branches and awaits the Governor's signature. Press release from HSUS.


HB 3408* Deletes statutory preference for placing forfeited animals with person having prior contact with animal. Bill Info, Testimony by OHS, Additional Testimony by OHS.


SB 6* Omnibus Animal Bill. Strengthens animal neglect laws and increases penalties in cases involving repeat offenders and for neglect offenses involving 10 or more animals. Also requires animal rescue groups to obtain licenses and maintain records, and makes many other needed changes. Bill Info, Testimony by OHS, Executive Summary by OHS, Additional Full Testimony by OHS.

7/6/13: Bill has passed both legislative branches and awaits Governor's signature.


SB 29 Revises definitions for purposes of fireworks laws. Bill Info.


SB 53* Modifies authority granted to peace officers to perform community caretaking functions. Bill Info.


SB 0698* Specifies that commission of animal neglect in first degree is punishable by five years' imprisonment, $125,000 fine, or both, if certain aggravating factors exist. Expands, for persons who commit certain offenses against animals, prohibition against possession of domestic animal to prohibition against possession of domestic animal, equine or animal of same genus against which offense was committed. Bill Info, Testimony by OHS.


SB 494* Prohibits, with some exceptions, use of body-gripping traps to trap animals. Requires that traps may not be set in area that extends 100 feet outside boundary of trails, campgrounds and picnic areas. Requires that person that sets trap must post certain signs. Bill Info.


SB 835* Creates offense of equine tripping. Makes violation subject to punishment by maximum of six months' imprisonment, $2,500 fine, or both. Bill Info.

7/2/13: Bill has passed both legislative branches and awaits Governor's signature.


Bills Opposed by OHS

HB 2624: Repeals Measure 18. Provides that a county is exempt from applicability of statute banning use of dogs to hunt black bears or cougars and use of bait to hunt black bears if voters approve county measure proposed by initiative petition or referred to people by governing body of the county. Bill Info, Testimony by OHS, Editorial by Albany Democrat Herald.


HB 3395: Repeals Measure 18. Requires State Department of Fish and Wildlife to recommend rules to State Fish and Wildlife Commission regarding creation of pilot program that allow persons to use dogs to hunt or pursue cougars. Bill Info.


SB 0428: Repeals Measure 18. Allows use of dogs to hunt cougars during final three months of general cougar hunting season if State Fish and Wildlife Commission determines that harvest quota for particular hunt zone might not be met. Bill Info.




* Bills warrant public's strongest support.