Ziggy’s New Beginning

After suffering horrific neglect, Ziggy made an extraordinary recovery and began a new life. Thanks to donors, Ziggy’s darkest days are now behind him.


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When Ziggy’s owner brought him to OHS, he was so weak that he couldn’t stand or even lift his head. His only movement was soft slow blinking. OHS veterinarians were worried that he wouldn’t survive the night. Long after closing hours, members of the OHS Medical Team were still at the shelter, fighting to keep him alive.

“Ziggy’s condition was truly horrifying and heartbreaking,” says Dr. Emily Ferrell, OHS veterinarian. “We could see he still had a glimmer of life in him and we were determined to do everything we could to help him survive and thrive.”

At 21 pounds, Ziggy was less than half the normal weight for a border collie his age. And his owner’s story didn’t match his condition, which immediately raised suspicions. During his exam, it became clear that the Investigations team needed to be alerted. Forensic veterinarians determined that Ziggy had been starved for weeks.

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Ziggy did survive that first night, and he woke up wide-eyed and curious, sniffing his surroundings as much as he could. Recovery would be a slow process. He spent two months in the Holman Medical Center at OHS so he could be closely monitored. This was an extraordinary amount of time for a pet to be hospitalized, but Ziggy’s condition was still considered critical.

Ziggy was then placed in a foster home with an OHS veterinarian where he continued treatment and physical therapy. As he began to feel better, his personality started to emerge. True to his breed, he loved toys, and would focus on playing ball for hours.

Today, he is smart, intense and loves to herd his toys and family. He was adopted by a member of the OHS Medical Team who bonded closely with him during his treatment.

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While Ziggy got a new life, the story wasn’t over. The Investigations team was able to provide evidence about Ziggy’s starvation, and Ziggy’s former owner was convicted of animal neglect. Thanks to donors, Ziggy’s case got the attention he deserved.

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In this challenging time, we’ve had the opportunity to grow closer to the animals in our lives. The human-animal bond is more important than ever, and pets in need are counting on you. Please give today.