OHS Receives 19 Cats From Overwhelmed Pet Owner

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OHS partners with Washington County Animal Services to take in 19 felines in need.

Two cats turned into 20 for a local pet owner, prompting Washington County Animal Services (WCAS) to step in to help. The situation was an example of how quickly cats can reproduce when they aren’t spayed/neutered. OHS regularly partners with WCAS and was called in to help care for the cats and find them forever homes.

“We became aware of the animal welfare concerns and took swift action to work with the cat owner to address them,” says Randy Covey, Manager of Washington County Animal Services. “We appreciate the great working relationship we have with OHS, and our partnership allows us to find the best resolution for the animals involved.”

Less than 24 hours later, three WCAS officers arrived at OHS with the cats. The Admissions team had a special set up in place to accommodate the cats since many were very scared and under-socialized. Signs were put up outside the intake room and in nearby hallways to reduce any noise in the area. Andrea from the Admissions team was assigned to screen and handle the cats since she has a special gift for calming terrified cats.

The intake process was slow, quiet and deliberate to minimize any stress for the felines. Each cat was frozen with fear, eyes bulging as they cautiously observed their new surroundings. Andrea was methodical and calm, making sure each cat knew they were in a safe place. She performed a brief exam, vaccinated and gave each flea treatment to each cat before moving each one to a kennel with a comfy bed and a bowl of food.

“This is a great example of our organizations working together to help pets and people in our  community,” Jessica Wiseley Kruger, OHS Admissions Manager.

The cats will all be given time to settle before being spayed / neutered and determining if they need any additional behavior help before being available for adoption.

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  1. Rebecca Elliott

    I live in North Carolina, and a friend forwards your newsletters to me. I am SO impressed with the wonderful job that you do! Thank you.

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