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Did you recently adopt a new cat or dog? Need some help navigating your dog’s anxiety or your cat’s litter box issues?

Get some useful tips on helping your pet. Both free and on-demand training videos are available.

Free Training Videos

This free video is essential for anyone who is thinking of adopting a puppy or dog, or who has recently brought home a new puppy or dog. Learn how to avoid common mistakes and to help your pup safely adjust to your home. (20 minutes)

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This free video is essential for anyone who is thinking of adopting a kitten or cat, or who has recently brought home a new kitten or cat. Learn how to avoid common mistakes and to help your cat safely adjust to your home. (34 minutes)

On-Demand Training Videos ($20)

How to Watch

These online training video presentations are available for you to watch at your convenience. To access, click on one of the videos, pay the fee, choose “Book this Service,”  then select the presentation you would like to watch. You will need to create an account to be able to watch the video.

The video will appear in a pop-up window. If the video doesn’t start, please see if your browser has a pop-up blocker.

Once purchased, videos may be watched multiple times for a period of 30 days. Purchases $25 or less are non-refundable. Learn more about our refund policy.

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Adolescence is a challenging time for owners and their dogs. Between the ages of 7-18 months, adolescent dogs are going through developmental shifts that can cause them to behave in ways that seem irrational, shocking, and uncharacteristic of the once innocent puppy that you thought you had raised. Learn how you and your dog can survive this time and have a wonderful adult dog after adolescence. (45 minutes)

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Not sure how to teach your dog advanced tricks? Want your cat to jump in a carrier on cue? Try clicker training! Learn about “clicker” or “marker” training and how it can be used to quickly and easily communicate with your pet. This presentation is focused on dogs, but you can use this method to train your cat, bird, or other pet. (90 minutes)

Pet Anxiety

Home Alone Anxiety is a heartbreaking disorder for dogs and their owners. Although there aren’t any quick fixes, this presentation will explain the disorder and give you a clear path to solutions that will help free you both. (70 minutes)

Is your cat not using the litter box consistently? This is an issue we do not want to have to deal with, yet according to studies, 10% of cats may deal with this at some point in their life. Learn what you can do to help your cat and the litter box become friends again. (30 minutes) 

More Training Help

Have questions about our training facilities or classes? Need more help for your pet? Check out our frequently-asked questions, use our interactive resource tool, sign up for a training class, or book a private training to find solutions.

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