Petunia’s Story: Turning Pets and People into Family

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A Special Message from CEO Sharon Harmon

Like the Oregon Humane Society, you believe pets are family. Their unconditional love lends us strength and joy. I’m writing to share the story of Petunia, the sick pup who helped heal a family. Thanks to support from donors like you, every year thousands of at-risk pets share their love and loyalty with new families.

Make a gift today and help heal at-risk animals while bringing pets and families together.

Petunia’s thin body trembled during her OHS in-take exam. Allergies had thickened her skin to resemble rhinoceros hide, causing her to lose half of her fur. When her former family couldn’t afford extensive veterinary care, they decided to surrender her.

Thankfully, donors like you funded the care and treatment that restored Petunia’s health.

Meanwhile, an elderly Siberian husky named Sam grew confused after losing his best canine friend. Seeing Sam’s loneliness, his human Rich began scrolling through adoptable dogs listed on the OHS website, and Petunia’s soulful expression drew him in. He brought Sam to meet Petunia, and that’s when the magic happened.

Rich remembers, “Heather from Customer Care managed the meet and greet. She’d never seen two dogs get along so quickly. Sam adopted Petunia; he needed her.” Heather carefully explained Petunia’s medical history and medications. With a solid understanding of her needs, Rich took the dogs home to start their lives together.

Petunia’s journey to a loving home was made possible by generous donations.

As Petunia’s skin softened and her fur grew back, she embraced her role as Sam’s companion. While sunning himself on the deck, Sam enjoyed her frequent stops to give him a kiss or snuggle up for a nap.

Petunia’s loving devotion filled Sam’s final year with friendship and comfort.

And when Sam’s age and illness carried him away from Petunia and Rich, the consolation of shared grief strengthened their bond—Sam’s final gift to his family.

Encouraged by the security and love of family, Petunia continues to gain the confidence she needs to explore a world full of adventure and beauty. Her joy shines. Rich explains, “She started out as Sam’s friend, but now she’s becoming more attuned to her human family. She’s a wonderful companion.”

When pets receive care, kindness, and love, they give back even more than they’re given. Your donation enables at-risk pets like Petunia to discover family connections, share joy, and relieve sadness—gifts that will grace countless lives through the holidays and well into the future. Please give today.

For the animals,

Sharon Harmon

P.S. Holidays provide the opportunity to reconnect with family, strengthening the bonds that sustain us. Homeless pets are yearning to experience that connection and share their love in return. Make a donation now and you’re not only saving animal lives—you’re bringing together families. And that’s the perfect way to celebrate the New Year.

Your gift saves lives. Please give today and help a pet in need.
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