First Pets From Texas Arriving

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A flight of pets in need of adoption from Texas is scheduled to touch down in Oregon on Friday, Sept. 1, helping to relieve the pressure Hurricane Harvey is creating on shelters hit by the storm. (OHS had deployed a response team to Houston).

OHS  will be accepting a group of dogs from the flight for adoption, as will other organizations.  After stopping at the Hillsboro airport, the flight will continue to Everett, Washington, where the remaining animals on board will be placed for adoption with shelters in Washington. OHS will be receiving five dogs to place for adoption. Additional flights are expected in the future.

All of the pets were previously available for adoption at shelters in Texas. None of the animals came to shelters because of Hurricane Harvey. The animals are being relocated away from Texas so that local shelters will have additional space available for the expected influx of pets from flood-stricken areas.

The flight, organized by Wings of Rescue and, is expected to arrive in Hillsboro at approximately 1:30 pm, Sept. 1.

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