5 Ways You Can Help Kittens This Season

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Being in a shelter can be stressful for animals, especially kittens who haven’t had a lot of socialization. Two of these kittens, Mousse and Madison, are among the 826 kittens that have been in OHS foster homes this year.

When Mousse arrived at OHS, she was timid with people but enjoyed the company of other cats. Tiny Madison was underweight and refused to eat. The OHS medical team decided to put the two together. It was then that Madison began to eat and Mousse got the companionship she was craving. These two cuties are now in foster care together while they grow, heal and get ready for adoption.

Here are five ways you can help thousands of kittens like Mousse and Madison this season:

  1. Donate. Caring for so many kittens requires a lot of resources. Your gift can help provide necessary vaccinations, medical exams, food and spay/neuter surgery.
  2. Send supplies. Visit our Amazon Wishlist for items needed most by our Kitten Care Team and foster families.
  3. Adopt. Looking to add a new feline member to your family? Now is a great time!
  4. Spay and neuter your pets. Help reduce the number of cats and kittens entering shelters. Free and low-cost assistance is available.
  5. Spread the word. Get more help for kittens in need by getting the word out on social media.
Your gift saves lives. Please give today and help a pet in need.
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