Learning the Way to a More Humane Society

Donors empower the Oregon Humane Society to share 150 years of experience-based knowledge about animal welfare through programs that help fearful animals connect with humans, teach adopters how to nurture those connections, and educate communities on how to respect and care for animals. Gifts to OHS ensure these programs can expand their influence and continue to effectively build a safer, more compassionate world for pets and people.

Generous donations fund programs that help behavior-challenged pets learn to trust and find forever families through OHS’s Behavior and Training programs — like Romeo, the handsome Chihuahua who came to us through the Second Chance program. Confused and afraid, especially of people’s feet, Romeo avoided any contact with humans.

Animals coming to OHS have sometimes experienced the worst humanity has to offer, but compassionate donors help introduce them to our better selves — kind, respectful, and patient caregivers who work tirelessly to end animal suffering.

Romeo began his stay at OHS isolated by fear and anxiety. Behavior Modification trainer Lori began her work with him by simply sitting in his kennel.

Lori explains, “My work isn’t about teaching tricks; it’s about building trust. We can’t get anywhere without trust.” Soothed by her patience and compassion, Romeo grew to enjoy treats, petting, and walks within inches of human feet and without reacting fearfully.

But animals aren’t the only ones learning. To ensure the right placement for Romeo, he’ll meet potential adopters and their pets with a trusted OHS trainer like Lori, to smooth the introduction. They’ll have plenty of time to bond — learning how to maintain trust, easing his transition to a new home, and ensuring a successful adoption.

While Behavior and Training programs help animals connect with people, OHS’s Humane Education programs help people develop compassion and empathy for animals. These donor-funded programs reach out to communities, providing shelter tours, classroom presentations, and after-school clubs that encourage everyone to champion animal welfare.

The more communities these programs reach, the farther OHS can share knowledge that will save animals, now and in the future. Donations broaden Humane Education’s influence by funding transportation to shelter tours and camp scholarships for low-income families.

These services enrich animal and human lives across the socio-economic spectrum, and donor generosity multiplies those opportunities to encourage respect for animals.

Earning trust, teaching empathy and compassion, and providing humane education will develop a strong foundation for a more humane future. OHS doesn’t receive tax dollars, so donations fund work that encourages our collective humanity to outshine even our most optimistic hopes.

We can’t end animal suffering without your help. Join this group of committed, compassionate animal lovers by donating to www.oregonhumane.org/summer.

Let’s build a more humane society together!