Buddy’s Friends Forever

Making the Call to Protect Your Pet

Like many pet owners, Tim worried about the day he might no longer be able to care for his beloved cat, Buddy. 

Looking ahead, he reached out to Oregon Humane Society to discuss his options. 

Buddy, an orange adult cat.

Through Friends ForeverTM , Tim knew Buddy would receive care and the chance to find a new, loving home if Tim were no longer able to care for Buddy himself. The Friends Forever program provides peace of mind knowing that a much-loved furry family member will be cared for by OHS and adopted to a new, loving home.

Last month, we received the call no one wants to make. Due to Tim’s declining health, he needed to find a new home for his best friend, Buddy. Sweet, curious Buddy arrived at OHS and quickly made his way into the hearts and home of a new family, overjoyed with the opportunity to love and care for him.

By enrolling in Friends ForeverTM  and making a planned gift to OHS, you have our promise to immediately receive, care for, and place into new homes any surviving pets. Your pets depend on you to meet their needs—food, water, a warm place to sleep, and love—and OHS promises to be there for them when you no longer can. Enrollment is possible with an estate gift of any size or type.

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