39 Dogs Rescued from Neglect Arrive at OHS

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One of the chihuahuas brought to OHS from Eugene

The Oregon Humane Society took in 39 small breed dogs today from a neglect case out of Eugene, Oregon.

On October 16, Greenhill Humane Society and Lane County Animal Services rescued 98 small breed dogs from an overcrowded property in western Lane County. The owner of the private home voluntarily surrendered all of the dogs.

When rescuers arrived on the scene, they found nearly one hundred dogs – dozens more than originally anticipated. All animals were in extremely overcrowded and unsanitary conditions, found both indoors and in outdoor pens. The dogs ranged in age from newborn to senior, including dogs who are pregnant and nursing.

Greenhill Humane Society initially transported all of the dogs to their shelter, where they received preliminary medical and behavioral evaluations. Donations to Greenhill Humane Society can be made online.

While Greenhill has the staff and experience to care for these pups, their facility is older and inadequate for large-scale rescues. To help alleviate the impact on their shelter, Oregon Humane Society took in 39 of these dogs to ensure they receive well-deserved TLC as they heal.

Adoption information for these dogs is currently unavailable, as they receive medical care, behavioral evaluations, spay/neuter surgeries and vaccinations. Stay tuned to the OHS adoption page for updates as they become available.

The Oregon Humane Society is a nonprofit that is not affiliated with national or regional animal organizations, and receives no tax dollars to support its work.

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