Amber Seeks New Start After Surviving Abuse

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Amber, now recovered from the burns she suffered.

OHS is opening its doors this afternoon to Amber, a pit bull mix who suffered horrendous injuries when she was doused with gasoline and intentionally set on fire. Despite her severe injuries–which required the amputation of portions of both her ears–Amber continues to be loving, affectionate, and is excited to be around people.

Amber is being relocated to Oregon to find a home away from the attention her case attracted in the small town of Yreka, California, where her abuser pleaded guilty to animal cruelty charges and is now receiving mental health care. “We’re happy to say yes to Amber, and are very confident we’ll find a loving family to give her a fresh start in life,” said OHS President and CEO Sharon Harmon.

The two-year-old, 60-pound dog is scheduled to arrive at OHS the afternoon of July 20 as part of the OHS Second Chance program that gives pets in Oregon and beyond new opportunities to find homes.

Amber was injured in April, and received care through Siskiyou County Animal Control and the Siskiyou Humane Society. She is described by her fans at the Siskiyou Humane Society as “a complete sweetheart who loves to give and receive affection, is very smart and focused with training, is a huge submissive grinner and loves to play with other dogs.”

Amber Goes Home

Update 7/24/17: Amber was adopted today by Michael of West Linn (pictured at right, below). He saw Amber’s story on the news last week and made sure to arrive at OHS as soon as she became available for adoption. Michael previously had a blue heeler mix for 17 years, and when that dog passed away last fall, he was not ready to adopt another—until he saw Amber. He looked into her hazel eyes and thought, “She’s the one.” Amber is heading to an active, loving, dog-experienced home to live the life she deserves.

Amber and Michael (at right), getting ready to go home.


Additional Photos of Amber

Viewer discretion advised: some of the “before” photos in this slideshow may be considered graphic in nature as they show some of Amber’s wounds.

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4 Responses to “Amber Seeks New Start After Surviving Abuse”

  1. Kim Matic

    Thank you OHS for your diligence in rescues, spay and neuter all with great health and safety measures. I will donate again when I get a job, but wanted to thank you. What happens to dogs like Amber and the little dog being yanked up in the air by a leash are beyond comprehension for me!!! I pray the man and woman in the pictures are caught before the poor the furbaby suffers loss of limb or life or something. Until the reunification happens I will pray for his and all others safety at the hands of the psychos who mean them harm.

  2. Collin Goolsby

    I would really really really love to adopt this pup. I’d drive up today from Eugene to get her if I could. I just bought a 5 acre property that has tons of room for her to play and have fun, and have 3 kids who all desperately want a dog to share our land with. She’d live a long happy life with us.

  3. Richard

    This story is heartbreaking but with such a happy ending! I was stunned to read this story and realize AGAIN, how much animal abuse there is in this world and THEN to also realize AGAIN, how many wonderful caring people there are who are willing to open their hearts and homes to innocent and defenseless animals. Michael is a true hero in my book. Thank you OHS for all you do everyday. What a blessing you are to Oregonians, both people and pets.

  4. Karen McCumber King

    I hope she gets more love than should be allowed for one dog! Thank you, good people!

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