Seeking Tips from the Public in Alleged Portland Dog Abuse Incident

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Cell phone photo captures possible animal abuse. Click to see a larger version. More photos below.

UPDATE 7/20: Thanks to the spread of this story on social media, OHS Investigations has received a number of good tips and is following up on all. This is an open criminal investigation, so please understand that OHS may not be able to share more details with the public while the case is ongoing. OHS Investigators and local police are working on all leads. When possible, OHS will update this story with new information.

Thank you to everyone who has helped share this story and those who have reported information about the suspects. If you have additional or new information about the suspects or this case, please report directly to Investigations online here or call (503) 285-7722, ext. 214.

Public Tips Sought in Dog Abuse Incident

July 19, 2017

OHS is seeking the public’s help in identifying a man apparently abusing his dog on a busy public street in Southeast Portland. The man was caught on camera lifting a small dog off the ground and allegedly choking it. The man was reported to say, “F—-g liberals, this is how you’re supposed to treat your dog.” OHS is investigating the incident as a possible case of animal abuse.

The incident occurred near a food cart on SE 27th Avenue and SE Belmont St. at about 9 pm on Saturday, July 15. The man involved in the incident is about 6 feet tall and was seen wearing a gray conductor cap, black shirt, tan pants, and black Vans shoes. He was seen with a female companion.

A witness reported that both the man and the woman yanked the dog up by the leash and that at one point the dog was knocked off balance and fell into the street.

Report Cruelty

Anyone with information about this incident is encouraged to contact OHS Investigations Department at (503) 285-7722, ext. 214 or file a report online here »

OHS Humane Special Agents are commissioned by the Oregon State Police to enforce animal cruelty laws throughout Oregon.

More Witness Photos of Incident

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12 Responses to “Seeking Tips from the Public in Alleged Portland Dog Abuse Incident”

  1. Jacqueline Graul

    Any updates on this POS?

  2. Ryan Castleberry

    Why didn’t the person taking the photos get involved?

    • Debbie M

      Do you really wanna know? Think about it.

      • Ryan Castleberry

        Yes I really want to know. It’s peoples failure to get involved that allows these things to continue to happen

      • Jasper Ballisimo

        Really? If there weren’t so many cowards out there afraid to do anything about abuse it wouldn’t be happening!!!! How would you like to be abused like that and have a bunch of people standing around doing absolutely nothing! What are you afraid of exactly? Is getting hurt or killed more important than having a little integrity? Breaking news: Every single one of us will be hurt or die at some point, it’s how you live your life that matters. I really hope this never happens to you or someone you love. Why don’t YOU think about it!?!

  3. Kerry Davis

    I’m thinking it’s time to start walking my dog in that area every night until he is found. This is the second case of animal abuse like this reported this week. Luckily the other guy was found and charged. Now this one needs to be found.

  4. Oregon Humane

    OHS received a number of good tips from the public. Thank you for passing this along. OHS Investigations is currently following up on these tips and working with police to track down a suspect. Updates will come when they can be shared with the public.

  5. PDX'er

    Updates???? We’re all anxious to see their mugshots on TV & this poor dog in a loving, caring home as it deserves!

    • Styve

      OHS responded to my post on the OHS Facebook page, at about 11:30a, 7/24…
      Steve Keller
      Why no updates on the Belmont/27th incident on the OHS site, nor on this thread, or elsewhere on the Facebook page? Thks, S

      Oregon Humane Society
      Oregon Humane Society OHS will update the public as soon as possible. Investigators are following up on several good leads and are working with local police. During an open case, we cannot always provide information to the public, but as soon as we can share information, we will.
      Reply · 1 hr

      • PDX'er

        OHS – Thank You for updating us- please do!

        To us (the public), it appears to be a clear-cut case — man caught on camera hanging & dragging a dog & a witness hearing him yellling profanities–as well as his identity being confirmed via Facebook — I EVEN know his name!

        All we care about knowing is that the poor dog is OUT of his despicable hands. I’m most certain we (the community) will take care of this deplorable abuser if his cowardly face ever appears in the presence of one of us.

        Child molesters & animal abusers are considered scum by most convicts– so has it coming to him someday.

        This dog has been on my mind for over six weeks now and I can’t put it at ease until I know it’s safe.

        Thank You.

  6. ConcernedCitizen2321

    Something tells me he will be wearing that outfit again.

  7. PDX'er

    Have you caught this guy yet? Please post/update when you can tell us that this poor dog has been rescued from his despicable abuse.

    Thank you!

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