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Contributed by Alex Laskowski, OHS Outreach Coordinator

Participants at Corgi Walk in the Pearl. Photo by Kathy Lamm.

It’s no secret that Oregonians love their corgis. Cardigan or Pembroke, we don’t care. As long as those legs are stubby, those rear ends fluffy, and those ears go straight up, we’ll take them.

And you know what, even if the Queen Mother claims them as her own, Portlanders, Pendletoners, and Cannon Beachonites alike are happy to take second mantle and treat them like the royalty we know they are.

This summer, you can celebrate those diminutive canines while doing good for your community.

Oregon Corgi Beach Day

On Saturday, July 29, you are invited to join hundreds of other corgi lovers and their dogs for the fifth annual Oregon Corgi Beach Day, at Cannon Beach, OR from 10 am-4 pm.

Oregon Corgi Beach Day
Oregon Corgi Beach Day 2017

Activities include themed costume competitions, raffle prizes, silent auctions, and a chance to meet Bentley the Corgi (aka Rapunzel) from the TV show Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency.”

There is no cost to attend, however donations are encouraged and 100% of the proceeds from the event benefit OHS.

This is a fantastic event that has grown from 48 people with 30 dogs in 2013 to more than 700 people and 391 corgis in 2016. We can’t wait to see how many sweet little corgis turn up with their proud human companions this year.

For more information about Oregon Corgi Beach Day and its organizers, the Portland Corgi Meetup Group, visit the event website here »

Corgi Walk in the Pearl

Corgis at Corgi Walk in the Pearl. Photo by Kathy Lamm.

If brushing all that sand out of your dog’s coat isn’t your thing, don’t fret: we’ve got an urban adventure lined up just for you and your big city corgi.

Corgi Walk in the Pearl, held August 19, is in its tenth year and is quite the sight to see. Hundreds of low-riding dogs and their respective guardians take to the sidewalks of the Pearl District for the 1.2 mile walking course.

Event organizer Lynde Paule says that Corgi Walk is a “leisurely stroll that is fun and interactive. People on the trolley, tourists, and passersby all wave and ooh and ahh over the parade of corgis along the sidewalks.”

TicketsTo commemorate its tenth anniversary, a Corgi Fashion Show will take place immediately after the walk. Even if your corgi decides to come unadorned, dog-friendly ice cream cones will also be provided for all canines to enjoy. Find more event details and purchase tickets online here »

Spot Magazine rated Corgi Walk in the Pearl as the 2nd place Top Dog event in Oregon. Don’t miss it!

More Upcoming Events

Corgi-loving people are a special group who knows the value of short legs, tall ears, and a big heart. So whether you love fun in the sun and paw prints in the sand, or city sights and sidewalk pup parades, there is an event this summer for you and your corgi companion(s).

Whatever sort of dog (or other pet) you have, check out all the other upcoming pet-friendly or pet-themed events on our Events Calendar here »


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