Should I Adopt an Adult Cat?

Cat posing for the camera in Oregon Humane Society Behavior and Rescue Center

Benefits of Adopting an Adult Cat

With kitten season in full swing, adult and senior cats can sometimes be overlooked. Learn about the benefits of bringing home a grown feline.

Thinking of bringing home a cat? Consider an adult!

Sure, kittens are cute. But adult and senior cats make amazing companions, too! Here are the top three reasons to consider bringing home an adult cat.

1. Energy

Adult cats have a calmer energy. Unlike kittens, who require hours of daily playtime to stimulate their growing brains and bodies, adult cats don’t require as much playtime. While they’ll still get the itch to play every now and again, cats more than one year old are more content curling up on your lap and napping.

2. Routine

Grown cats enjoy consistent routines, which means you’re less likely to be sneak-attacked in the middle of a phone call by an insistent kitten or woken up every night to the sound of midnight zoomies. Adult cats follow similar patterns every day. They enjoy eating, sleeping, and playing at predictable hours, making it easier for you to predict your cat’s needs and stick to your regularly scheduled programming.

3. Personality

Each adult cat has its own history with humans and other animals and those experiences will shape their personality in the home. Whether you have multiple pets or just one, grown cats’ personalities are pretty unchanging. Social cats will make it clear if and when they crave your attention, so even single-cat homes can be filled with love!

Introducing Your New Cat to a Resident Pet

First impressions matter, and that’s why it is so important to take precautions when introducing a new cat to a resident pet. Review best practices from OHS’ Training & Behavior team to safely introduce your new cat to the home.

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