Virtual Training Opportunities

The Oregon Humane Society’s training and behavior department wants to help keep pets happy in their homes by educating people about humane and responsible treatment and training of their companion pets. We are bringing you virtual training options using Zoom, an easy-to-use, cross-platform video meeting service. Meet some of our trainers and see how we can help you and your pet!

Registration fees are per household. Proceeds go to support the programs and services at OHS.

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One-on-One Training

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$85 for a single session; $225 for a pack of three sessions. Our trainers are available to help you with your cat or dog. During a virtual one-on-one consultation, we’ll review your unique situation and help you discover solutions to fit your specific needs. We can help with reactivity, fearful behavior, issues with dogs and kids, problems with multi-pet households, litter box problems, home alone issues, and more. Learn more.

On-Demand Classes

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Free introduction video class. We offer introductory classes for your new cat or dog to help them adjust to their new home!
$20 per training video class. We offer a variety of on-demand video classes that range from 45- 90 Minutes each, Topics include Adolescent dogs, Home Alone Anxiety, Clicker Training and more!

Group Classes

Virtual Kitten-garten Class for KittensSign up here!
$95 for Four weeks of training.
New kittens have so much to learn! Get your kitten started in the right paw with the fun and informative class. You will learn some fun tricks, like how to teach them to sit or give-high five, as well as learn some of the fundamentals needs of kittens like nail trims and traveling in the car. For kittens 6 months and younger.
Week 1: What all kittens need
Week 2: Fun things to do with your kitten
Week 3 and 4: Common mistakes and how to avoid them

Virtual Tricks Class for CatsSign up here!
$95 for four weeks of training. Teaching your cat new tricks is a great way to strengthen your relationship. It can help keep your high-energy kitten entertained, or boost the confidence of your shy cat. Trick training can make nail trims easier and vet visits less stressful. Plus, it’s fun! This class is great for new cat owners and appropriate for cats of all ages (kittens through seniors).

Virtual Reactive Rover – Check back soon for upcoming classes! 
$225 for six weeks of training. Does your dog lunge and bark when you’re out on a walk and she sees another dog? This class is for you! In this class, your instructor will coach you through a series of impulse control skills and exercises that are specifically useful for rehabbing reactivity, including loose leash walking exercises.  This virtual class a great first step before trying our in-person Reactive Rover class. For dogs eight months and older. This class does not address off-leash aggression issues.

Virtual Tricks Class for Dogs – Check back soon for upcoming classes!
$120 for four weeks of training.
Teaching your dog new tricks is a great way to strengthen your relationship, build confidence, and refine your training technique so your dog reliably listens to you. Tricks are often the building blocks to advanced skills and even some husbandry practices. This is a fun class for dogs of all ages – puppy through senior – we’ll customize the course to fit your dog’s special needs. A basic understanding of marker training is helpful. Watch a class preview here – Link

Virtual Rainy Day Games for Dogs – Check back soon for upcoming classes! 
$120 for four weeks of training. This winter has been like no other we’ve experienced so to help you through the rainy season, we’ve added this class to teach some fun ways to play with your dog using props around your home! Playing games lifts your spirits, exercises the mind and body and strengthens the relationship between you and your dog. This is a fun class for dogs and people of all ages, and customizable for any level of training. A basic understanding of marker training is helpful, here is a short video on marker training: Charging the Marker and Practicing Timing

Virtual Basic MannersCheck back soon for upcoming classes! 
$180 for six weeks of training. In our basic-level classes, we want you to have fun while training your dog.  We’ll cover foundation skills – like sit, down, recall, and loose-leash walking – and help troubleshoot issues. This virtual class is great for people who have just adopted a dog, for those who have never taken a training class before, or for folks with fearful or reactive dogs. For dogs four months and older.

Gift Cards AvailableClick here to purchase a gift card
Gift cards are available for you to purchase for friends and loved ones. The gift cards are sent digitally so they can be used right away, and you get to choose the amount you would like to purchase. This makes a wonderful gift for anyone who recently brought a new pet into their home, someone who wants to bond with their pet or someone who just wants to do something fun with their pet. Please note that these gift cards can only be used for OHS training classes, they cannot be used for an adoption of an animal or for products in our Best Friend’s Corner store.

Our Training Philosophy

Our training philosophy focuses on building a strong, healthy bond between an animal and his person through positive reinforcement. We do not like to use fear or intimidation-based tactics. OHS trainers believe that reward-based techniques and education on canine and feline behavior is the best way to promote a trusting and respectful relationship between individuals and their pets.

Our instructors are experienced Certified Professional Dog Trainers or working towards certification.

Class Requirements

Dogs should be wearing a flat collar, harness or head halter and be on a regular four to six foot leash. We do not allow prong collars, electronic collars, chain collars, chain leashes or extending leashes in class. For additional information about our policies check out our FAQs. »

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