Texas Dogs Available for Adoption

Boots, from Texas
Boots arrived at OHS from Texas as part of the Hurricane Harvey relief effort.

Boots, an eight-week-old shepherd puppy, was one of five dogs who arrived at OHS last week from San Antonio, Texas. Boots came to OHS as part of an ongoing effort to help pets affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Although San Antonio is outside the disaster zone, shelters in that city are trying to free up space in their facilities so they can accept animals from other cities who have been displaced by the storm. OHS was glad to help by finding homes for these Texas pets in Oregon.

Boots is expected to be available for adoption this week. His fellow Texans, Frijol, Taylia, and Pattie, should also be available this week. Gerald, a shepherd-terrier mix, arrived without needing to be altered and was adopted on Sept. 3.

All five dogs were strays who were available for adoption at their local shelter, San Antonio Animal Care Services, before they came to OHS. The pets arrived on an air flight organized by Wings of Rescue, GreaterGood.org and the Humane Society of the United States. OHS anticipates receiving more pets from Texas, as do shelters throughout the Northwest.

Interested adopters should check the OHS dog adoption page for more information. The page will be updated as soon as the pets are offered for adoption. Potential adopters should be aware that some of the dogs may be fearful and not used to being on a leash.

OHS efforts to help pets in Texas are supported entirely by your donations. Please donate today.

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PHOTOS (photos by CLSmith Photography)