$200,000 Matching Challenge!

Join us in finishing the New Road Ahead Campaign for pets like Sheila.

Sheila the dog posing with her tongue out

Like many animals, we didn’t know much about Sheila’s history prior to her arrival at Oregon Humane Society from a shelter in New Mexico. All we knew for sure is that she had a smile that could melt your heart!

We soon discovered that Sheila was very reactive in the shelter environment. The noises and smells of other animals, and people walking by became overwhelming for Sheila and she would bark, lunge and jump in her kennel. She needed to learn how to channel her energy in productive ways, and how to settle and do nothing. Because of the support of donors, the OHS Behavior Modification team was ready to help Sheila learn these skills, and more, that would get her ready to be adopted.

So, the team got to work teaching Sheila the skills she needed to learn! Sheila worked hard on her reactivity and her overstimulation when meeting new people. Sheila also joined the OHS running team, which was one of her favorite ways to channel her energy.

The behaviors that Sheila and the Behavior Modification team worked so hard on are not uncommon. Many dogs get stressed in the standard shelter environment and often improve when they are in a more calm, relaxing environment. This is why we are building the new Behavior and Rescue Center – part of the New Road Ahead Project. This purpose-built space offers animals in need of behavioral support a peaceful, home-like environment to get ready for adoption. Sheila the dog posing while out on a run

After more than a year with the Behavior Modification team, Sheila was adopted! Everyone’s hard work had paid off – she was finally going home, and we could not have been happier.

Imagine how much sooner Sheila could have gone home if she’d had access to the new Behavior and Rescue Center. This space would have put Sheila on the fast track to learning the skills she needed to be ready to go home. No distractions. Just time and space for her to focus on being the best girl she can be.

This is why your support and investment in finishing out the New Road Ahead campaign is critical. There are more pets like Sheila who are awaiting homes, but just need some help fine-tuning their behaviors first. Now more than ever, the Behavior and Rescue Center, the Community Veterinary Hospital, and the Animal Crime Forensics Center will be transformative for animals and people in our community. Please give today so we can open the Behavior and Rescue Center and help more pets like Sheila find their loving homes.

Plus, give today and your gift will be matched! Thanks to an anonymous donor, all gifts and pledges given before Dec. 31, 2022 to the New Road Ahead Campaign will be matched up to $200,000.