End Petlessness & More

End Petlessness and…

End Petlessness & Animal CrueltyHumane Investigations

We fight animal cruelty. OHS Humane Special Agents are commissioned by the Superintendent of State Police to investigate animal crimes anywhere in Oregon. Our investigations team helped more than 2,300 at-risk animals last year.

Find out about one special case, Angel, through the eyes of Special Agent Austin Wallace.


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End Petlessness & Animal NeglectRehabilitation & Veterinary Medicine

We help heal animals who are sick, injured, or victims of neglect and abuse. The healing process may take months and require the talents of the OHS veterinary team, led by Dr. Kris Otteman, and veterinary students from Oregon State University. The veterinary students get hands-on experience under the guidance of an OSU faculty member assigned to the OHS medical center.

Watch the story of Milagro, the miracle cat, and see how Dr. Otteman and her staff brought him back to health.

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Animal Behavior & TrainingEnd Petlessness & Bad Behaviors

We use positive reinforcement to bring out the best in pets. Training can be the difference that helps an animal find a loving home. We also help human companions have better relationships with their furry soulmates. We want pets and people to be happy in their homes.

Find out more about Tanya Roberts, the OHS behavior specialist, and our team of animal trainers.

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Emergency Animal RescueEnd Petlessness & Animal Distress

The real-life heroes of the OHS animal rescue team rappel down cliffs, swim treacherous waters and travel to disaster zones to save the lives of our distressed companions. These highly-trained volunteers are ready to answer the call for help when animals are stranded, trapped or injured and need help to survive.

Watch volunteer Bruce Wyse and the OHS rescue team rescue dogs like Ranger.


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