Lifetime Insurance Coverage for Furry Family Members with Petplan

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Get a 10% discount when ordering online.

Adopting a new four-legged family member is an exciting time – there’s so much to look forward to! But even pet parents who plan purr-fectly can’t always foresee illnesses or injuries their new best friends may encounter. In fact, one in three pets will need an unexpected trip to the vet this year.

The good news is that pet parents who adopt from OHS don’t have to “fret the vet,” because every dog and cat adopted from OHS goes home with a free 30-day insurance policy from Petplan pet insurance. Whether your new addition runs into trouble (literally!) or develops a chronic condition down the road, Petplan’s for Life™ guarantee offers pet parents peace of mind that their furry friends can get back on their paws while the family budget stays intact.

Need another tail wag? All fans of OHS can enjoy a 5% lifetime discount on their Petplan policy (10% when booked online) using promo code ORHUMANE at Plus, for every new policy, OHS will receive a $15 donation from Petplan – treats all around!

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