Oregon Humane Society Rescues Stranded Dog in Canby

OHS Technical Animal Rescue Team, OHSTAR, rescues dog stranded for over a week from dangerous cliff in Canby

On Monday afternoon, the Oregon Humane Society’s Technical Animal Rescue Team (OHSTAR) rescued a dog who had been stranded on a steep hillside in Canby for approximately six to eight days.

Concerned neighbors in the area contacted OHSTAR after hearing sounds of an animal in distress for about a week. The dog was not visible since the area is very steep and thick with blackberries and poison oak.

The OHSTAR team arrived on scene and used a drone to survey the area. After the team created a plan and secured their ropes, Virginia Krakowiak, OHSTAR Training Coordinator / Rescue Leader, descended approximately 75 feet to rescue the stranded dog, an older Australian Shepherd mix. “Thankfully, he appeared uninjured – just thirsty and hungry and ready to be back with people,” says Virginia.

The dog is currently at Clackamas County Dog Services. He was not microchipped or wearing any identification. If an owner is not identified, the dog will be made available for adoption at a future date.

“We are so grateful that people in the area were worried about this animal and called us,” added Virginia. “We train all year so we are ready to help in tough situations like this.”

OHSTAR is the only group in Oregon specifically trained in technical animal rescue. The team is comprised entirely of volunteers and operates solely on donations. They specialize in evacuating injured pets from wilderness areas, cliff sides, river banks and enclosed spaces. OHSTAR members also assist law enforcement agencies with the safe capture, containment, and transport of distressed animals found in hazardous conditions, including hoarding situations. They also respond to natural disasters and large-scale national emergency operations.

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