Nearly 60 Cats Rescued from Newberg Apartment

Nearly 60 cats living in overcrowded conditions in a Newberg home got a new start in life today after being rescued by the Oregon Humane Society.

The 13 kittens and 46 adult cats were surrendered by their owner and transported to OHS, where they will be examined by a medical team and receive any needed care. No charges have been filed against the owner of the pets, who voluntarily relinquished the cats to OHS after being overwhelmed with their care and feeding needs.

“Life just got immeasurably better for these rescued animals,” said OHS Executive Director Sharon Harmon. “We are thankful the owner surrendered them to us.”

Adopt a Shelter Cat Today

The rescued cats are not yet available for adoption. However, Harmon urges cat lovers not to wait until the rescued cats are available, but to adopt an available cat now. “We have more than 70 cats at our shelter now and more arriving daily. We’ll need all the room we can get for the new rescued cats.”

Help Fight Animal Cruelty

Your donation to OHS supports the work of OHS Humane Officers who investigate animal crimes daily and work with law enforcement agencies across Oregon. OHS receives no tax dollars. Please make an online donation today to help fight animal cruelty.