Compassion in Action

How a teenager is making a difference in the lives of OHS animals

Lily and all the items she collected for the pets at OHS. Thanks Lily!

Three years ago, Lily Ragan attended OHS Summer Camp and was inspired to do something to help animals in need. “I’ve always loved animals and wanted to do more for them,” says Lily. With determination and focus, Lily got to work advocating for the animals and fundraising for the Oregon Humane Society. She created an annual fundraising campaign and series of presentations. Lily just completed her fourth year of the campaign, raising $1,250 and collecting more than 200 supplies for OHS. Over the years, she has raised more than $4,000 and collected 500 items!

How does she do it? She starts with a goal and works with OHS to set up an online fundraising page. Then she takes her presentation to her school and gives a speech to every class. She also does a presentation at her church. In her speech, she explains what OHS does and the goal she is trying to reach. “This year I really wanted to focus on connecting with people,” says Lily. “I had a lot of one-on-one interaction and got a lot of support that way.”

Lily’s compassion for animals also led her to be a youth volunteer at OHS. She has embraced the work, demonstrated her skills and is now able to work with some of the shy dogs. “It’s such a cool experience to make a connection with an animal and make their day better,” says Lily.

When asked what she enjoys most about volunteering at OHS, she notes “I love the little things like a dog falling asleep after a walk.”

This fall, Lily begins high school and will have a fresh audience for her annual campaign. Her compassion may also inspire her new peers.

“If you have an idea, pursue it. Don’t think you can’t do it because you are young.”

Want to raise money for OHS pets? Start your own fundraising campaign.