Finding Homes for Bonded Animals

Challenge Week: May 4-10

You Can Be a Champion for Animals Like Muscle Man & Starla

When an animal faces challenges or hardship, OHS is there to help. Support from donors like you makes our lifesaving medical, behavior, and rescue programs possible.

Sometimes the tightest bonds are formed during the toughest times. This was the case for a special odd couple who were part of a large transfer of dogs to OHS during a recent shelter capacity crisis in Josephine County.  

Muscle Man and Starla’s journey began in a parking lot. They were found tied to the back of a truck and abandoned at a local mechanic shop. 

 It was clear that life so far had been rough for them. They were both underweight and their coats were dirty. Muscle Man, a three-year-old pitbull, was clearly the more sensitive of the two. He would flinch at sudden noises and was wary of cars and other everyday items. However, having Starla close by gave him the confidence to move through this overwhelming world. A stoic senior lab mix, Starla had lived a longer life than Muscle Man and had no doubt been through a lot.

We will never know what their lives were like prior to being found in the parking lot, but they were about to begin a new chapter—and it would be together. 

While at the Josephine County shelter, staff took note of their special bond and ensured Muscle Man and Starla were kenneled together. When it came time to load up for the trip to Portland, Muscle Man didn’t hesitate—he jumped right into the travel crate with his beloved friend.  

The pair were among the 60 dogs transported from Josephine and Jackson counties and the first group of dogs to be received at OHS’ new Behavior and Rescue Center.  

A large kennel with two soft beds was set up for Muscle Man and Starla’s arrival. They quickly won the hearts of staff and volunteers who were charmed by their unique friendship.  

Muscle Man and Starla aren’t your typical dog friends. They don’t play, wrestle, or romp around together. But they quietly check in regularly—lovingly reassuring each other that all is okay.  

As an older dog, Starla needed dental work and additional medical care, but she and Muscle Man were kept kenneled together while she went back and forth to the shelter hospital for care.  

Even after dental surgery, when Starla was a little woozy from her pain medication, Muscle Man made sure to stay close and return the comfort she had so often provided to him.  

Today, these two continue to be each other’s best friend while they wait for a loving family to call their own.