Fear Free Care at the Community Veterinary Hospital

Patient-Focused Care

Every veterinary professional at Oregon Humane Society’s Community Veterinary Hospital (CVH) is a graduate of the Fear Free Shelter Program.

The Fear Free Shelter Program teaches specific handling techniques to provide safe and low-stress veterinary care to our patients. This allows us to create the most welcoming and patient-focused environment for all pets who enter our doors.

The Fear Free method ensures that we are doing all that we can to provide our patients with low stress visits and the best care possible. We tailor our approach based on the needs of each patient to help reduce the fear, stress, and anxiety that pets feel when going to a veterinary clinic.

dog getting treated by veterinarian

Keeping the CVH Fear Free

Here are some of the specific ways the team at the Community Veterinary Hospital use a holistic approach for Fear Free vet visits.

  • We utilize pheromone diffusers in all exam rooms.
  • Tasty treats are available for pets who are receiving vaccines, blood draws, and other medical treatments.
  • We offer soft surfaces to increase the patient’s comfort.
  • We go slow and take our time to proceed at the pace that works best for each individual patient.
  • Prior to arrival, we prescribe medications to set patients up for success.

A Building Designed With Pets in Mind

One of the biggest elements in creating a Fear Free space for pets visiting our clinic is the building itself. Pets are separated by species in our waiting area and our treatment rooms. There is a separate, quiet ward specifically for hospitalized cats. Additionally, there are visual barriers thoughtfully placed throughout our exterior landscaping and in our lobby.

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