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Location Portland Campus
Available 04/16/2024
Fee $50
Type Dog
Looks like American Pit Bull, Pointer
Sex Male
Color White, Black
Age 1 years and 1 months
Weight 66 lbs
Area Dog Yellow Pod
Kennel 14
Code # 301691

What my friends at OHS say about me:

  • Yo, what's up? Name's Chad, but you can call me the King of Cuddles. Here's the lowdown straight from my buddies at OHS.
  • First off, forget about your electricity bill, 'cause my smile alone will light up your world. Seriously bro, I'm like a walking beam of sunshine.
  • Now, if you're looking for a snuggle buddy, look no further. I practically invented the lean-and-snuggle move. It's my trademark, you know?
  • Oh, and did I mention I'm a kisser? That's right, I'm not afraid to show a little love.
  • I'm telling ya, I'm a big ball of good boy energy. Get ready for some epic play sessions, man. I'm talking high-octane, non-stop action. Tennis balls, squeakers, hiking, running-you name it, I'll go with it.
  • High Energy: But here's the deal, I need my exercise, or else I can get a bit antsy. Positive outlets and a chill environment are key to keeping this good boy in check
  • Heads up, my play style can be a bit rowdy for some pups, so I gotta meet any potential canine companions beforehand. Just to make sure we vibe, you know?
  • Oh, and one last thing-came in through the Second Chance Program repping a state where dogs have a higher likelihood of heartworm infection.

The type of home I'm looking for:

  • My history is a mystery! My friends here at OHS don't know if I've ever lived with other animals or children.
  • So, what do you say? Ready to take on the world with your new wingman? Let's do this! Click here to learn about the adoption process.
  • You can also stock up on food and treats using our online store by clicking here.

Interested in adopting me?

Adoption meet and greets are done by appointment, but the shelter is open for walk-through viewing. We also have availability each day for walk-in adoptions.

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