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Adopted 02/12/2024
Type Dog
Looks like Chihuahua
Sex Female
Color Blonde
Age 8 months
Weight 6.9 lbs
Code # 300727

What my friends at OHS say about me:

  • I am a tiny chihuahua, Of course I tremble all the time. I am known to be "cautiously optimistic" about this big 'ol world!
  • I may be shy at first, but once we get to know each other I will shower you with love!
  • If you have a vacant lap, I would be glad to keep it warm!
  • I love nothing more than to be held close and snuggled.
  • I will follow you around for attention - spending time with my people is the best part of the day!
  • I can't wait to show my new family how playful I am!
  • I had so much fun meeting another dog here in the shelter. My friends at OHS think I would be great at making new dog friends!
  • I have been exposed to another dog who has canine parvovirus virus. I will need to be kept separated from unvaccinated or immunocompromised canines for at least two weeks.
  • I love to learn! You can use my favorite toys or treats as positive reinforcement and to teach me new things.
  • Click here to sign-up for our Start over Rover class! We will help you set you on the right path to have the best life possible with your new furry friend through training, games, and exercises!

The type of home I'm looking for:

  • It could be with you! Click here to learn about the adoption process.
  • You can also stock up on food and treats using our online store by clicking here.

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