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Portland Campus

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Location Portland Campus
Available 02/16/2024
Fee $50
Type Dog
Looks like Dogue De Bordeaux
Sex Female
Color Red
Age 1 years and 11 months
Weight 94.3 lbs
Area Dog Blue Pod
Kennel 79
Code # 300389
  • I'm sponsored by generous donors.

What my friends at OHS say about me:

  • Never heard of my breed? Dogue de Bordeaux is a fancy way of saying French mastiff. Ooh la la!
  • All fanciness aside, I had a rough start in life and need an owner who will be my rock and guide me from a place of compassion. I do not have much experience functioning as a companion animal in the urban environment. A lot of the sights and sounds you take for granted are intimidating and overwhelming to me. I am not a ready to go out of the box kind of dog.
  • I have been known to enjoy treats. You can use them as a good tool to build trust with me. Psssst... hot dogs are my favorite.
  • To learn more about my specific needs, please read my What to Expect handout.
  • Mastiffs of any type, even the French ones, should never be viewed simply as gentle giants. We are large, powerful dogs that require a focused and attentive owner to provide what is needed for us to be the best dogs we can be. Therefore, we may not be the best choice for a first time dog owner. Someone very familiar with canine body language is a must for me.
  • I am part of the Diamond in the Ruff program, which you can learn more about here.

The type of home I'm looking for:

  • I would flourish in a calm environment and a low-traffic home.
  • I am not the best option for an apartment or other shared living-type environment.
  • I must go to a home with a fenced in yard.
  • I need to go to a home without small children.
  • I would prefer to be the only pet in the home. I have no known experience with cats or other small animals.
  • I will need to meet any canine companions prior to getting adopted.
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Interested in adopting me?

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