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I'm sponsored by 2 people.


Looks likeGerman Shepherd, Siberian Husky
ColorWhite, Tan
Age2 years and 2 months
Weight67.4 lbs
Code #281973
  • I'm sponsored by generous donors.
  • I'm a favorite of staff and volunteers.

What my friends at OHS say about me:

  • Don't let my name fool you! I'm an active young pup who would love to be your next adventure buddy!
  • I have been working with the Behavior and Training team here at OHS and am looking for a special home. To learn more about my specific needs, please read my What to Expect handout.
  • It will take time and patience to get to know me. You'll need to meet with me multiple times before taking me home.
  • I really enjoy the company of my human friends. Especially sitting in laps and leaning in for pets.
  • I love to learn and I tend to pick up new skills quickly! I already know sit, down, touch, and how to walk nicely on leash! You can use my favorite toys or treats as positive reinforcement and to teach me new things.
  • High Energy: I can become easily frustrated if my energy and exercise needs are not met. I will need positive outlets for my energy!
  • I love to run! I have been on the running team while at OHS and would make a great running buddy!

The type of home I'm looking for:

  • I would flourish in a quiet, calm environment and a low-traffic home. No busy apartments or dwellings.
  • I will need to meet any canine companions prior to getting adopted. I'm very excited about other dogs, and I will need some extra help to learn how to calmly exist around canine housemates!
  • I need a home without cats or other small animals.
  • I can be quite the exuberant young dog and may be too much for very young children.
  • It could be with you! Click here to learn about the adoption process.
  • You can also stock up on food and treats using our online store by clicking here. "

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